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General Plugin Notes
License Terms
Unless otherwise stated, plugins posted here are licensed under GNU Public License v3 (same terms as MyBB).

Installation (for plugins with no further instructions)
If the file is stored in a 7z archive, you will need to extract the archive.  For Windows, you can download and install 7-Zip to do this (also 7-Zip Portable if you can't install for whatever reason).  WinRAR and WinZIP should also be able to handle 7z, but I recommend 7-Zip.  I'm unsure about Linux/Mac users, but you can download the command-line port, p7zip, and extract the archive from the terminal, using one of the following commands (depending on which version you installed)

7z x archive.7z
7za x archive.7z
7zr x archive.7z

You'll usually be able to find a copy in a number of yum/apt repositories.
Note: I should only be using LZMA and PPMd in 7z archives, but if I do make a mistake and accidentally use LZMA2, please tell me

After extraction, you'll need to upload the plugin to your forum.  To do this:

  • If there is just a single .php file, this needs to be uploaded to the forum's inc/plugins directory
  • If there is a folder labelled "Upload", upload everything in the folder to the forum's root directory; ensure that the inc/plugins/*.php files get uploaded to inc/plugins on the server
  • If there is an inc folder, upload everything (not just the inc folder) to the forum's root, ensuring that the inc/plugins/*.php file is placed in inc/plugins on the server
Some things you may need to pay attention to:
  • If you have changed the location of your admin directory, you need to take this into consideration if there's an "admin" folder in the package
  • If the upload package contains a inc/languages/english/ folder and you are not using English for the AdminCP, you may wish to rename the "english" folder to your language before uploading (if no translation is available)
  • If there is a "cache" and/or "uploads" folder included in the package, you may need to check that these and all its contents are writeable (CHMOD to 0777 if necessary)

After uploading, you will need to visit the Plugins section of the AdminCP to activate the plugin.

If you are upgrading an older version of my plugin to a newer version, unless other instructions are given, you can generally simply override the old files with the new.
Sometimes you may be instructed to run an upgrader afterwards.  Some plugins will require deactivation, then reactivation after uploading the new files, but I will instruct you if this is required.

I am not responsible for any damage caused by these plugins, directly or indirectly or otherwise.  It's up to you to decide whether you think these plugins are suitable for use on your boards.
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