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Full Version: Gambling Module
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The Gambling module adds some basic gambling functionality to your installation of MyPlaza.

This simply adds 3 items to the plaza:
  • Random money
  • Guess the number
  • Quick Bet

Upload the attached PHP file to your /inc/plugins/myplaza directory.

The download can be found below:

Hey Zinga...I can't seem to figure out how to actually access this once it's on the I have to go to a specific link?
You have to first go to the "categories & Items" section in the AdminCP. There you can enable them to show up in your forums. Then you will see them in the myplaza section:


How do I change the color of the popup and/or the text which says "You´ve won/lost etc."?
Guest Wrote:How do I change the color of the popup and/or the text which says "You´ve won/lost etc."?
You can change the colour either by editing the language variables, or by directly editing what is sent out.
has any body tried this?

i am getting again same result as in case of investment module i am not getting any amount of money that i have entered in the cpanel.
as i have placed 60 in the pot to guess a number but the in my plaza it say 0 money in the pot.

why is this some cookie problem?
Have a look at the pic attached below.
I'm guessing something may be wrong with your settings internally.  Do normal MyBB settings appear to work when you change them?

If so, try deactivating/reactivating MyPlaza again.
yah i got it Smile

just the cookies path wasn't set correctly :)after that every thing is fit and fine.
sorry for me to be so ill mannered Frown

thanx a lot for time and for such a gr8 plugin Smile
i told you that a long time ago. lol
there is a problem whit the gambling module ( 2 of the 3 are working like they need to be ^^ )

the guess number doesnt works like it need to be

i putted it on 1 number (easy ^^ 1/10 change to win )

but now i tryed every number from 0 to 9 and i still dint win

so can you fix it ?? or can you thell me what i aim doin wrong ??

Greets From The Crasher
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