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Full Version: 1st post image next to topic title
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Hello guys,

Can someone tell me If exists any mod that allow us to show the first image in the post at the thread list?
To show before the topic title, something like that:

I found this mod:

But only works for attachments... And I want to use the first image of the post [IMG] [/ IMG] (or <IMG when we use HTML in posts) without using attachments.

Can someone help me?
Thank you Smile
(11-15-2011 07:52 AM)ZiNgA BuRgA Wrote: [ -> ]You can't.
you can create a Custom Thread Field for the image-url (using XThreads). so you can display the image in threadlist. ok, you must paste the image-url a second time, but it works. Smile

or you display the pictures as a mouseover:

But no matter which way, you need to create an additional field.
Thank you for your replies!

Jumper, thank you mate! Can you give me detailed instructions how to make that possible please? Smile
What is your preferred variant?

1. a small picture before every threadtitel like your picture or
2. a picture which you see if you go with your mouse over the threadtitel like this: (Demo)
Jumper, option 1 Smile
Just create a thread field, you can take thread description as example.

Use some regex to check if the input is a url.

In display format you insert your code and place the variable into the threadlist. IsĀ“it no like that?
(03-23-2012 07:17 AM)Divvy Wrote: [ -> ]Jumper, option 1 Smile

use this: Thread Image Wink

i know, this is with attachment too. but it is better cause the mini thumbs are hosting on your server. if you want only using picture-url, so you must do what Sama34 wrote. create a standard thread field (without file-upload)
Thank you for your replies guys.

I already installed XThreads, but I don't know what to write in "Add Thread Field".
Jumper, I saw the topic that you said, but I dont know what I need to edit to work with img without using attachments.

Can you help me giving me detailed instructions please? Smile
OK Smile

i have only a problem to create a new additional column for the pictures in threadlist.
i try it, but it looks terrible Biggrin
so i use the "icon" column. make the following:

create a new threadfield:

Title: Threadlistpicture
Key: t_list_pic
Applicable Forums: Select forum(s) where this will be applied
Input Field Type: Textbox
Display Format:

PHP Code:
<img src="{VALUE}" height="100%" width="100">

open template forumdisplay_thread and search for:

PHP Code:
<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}{$thread_type_class}" width="2%">{$icon}</td>

replace with:

PHP Code:
<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}{$thread_type_class}" width="2%">{$GLOBALS['threadfields']['t_list_pic']}</td>

now create a new thread and insert a directlink to a picture in the Threadlistpicture field and save the new thread. you will see your new threadlist view like this:

[Image: mwsnap03-23--2012-16_08_02-32d4798.jpg]

However, i know that it is not a 100% solution cause i use the icon-column, but perhaps another user can post what we must do to add a new column without destroying the optic Biggrin

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