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Full Version: Forum Promotions
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Maybe this is a useless plugin for most users, but I hope it's OK to share it here.

The promotions method of this plugin uses MyBB promotions method.
The promotion is based on the num of threads or posts of a user in a specified forum(s).
The user group change promotions are: Change Primary User Group, Add Secondary User Group and Remove Secondary User Group.
It uses the task system to promote a user. By default, it'll run once a day. The promotions run is ordered by a Promotion Order. It will promote users based on their last active time compared to the last time the promotion run.

Because I'm not a coder, if you use it, please don't expect too much from this plugin. I'm still learning.

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Hmmm... For specified forum?
Actually,this isn't useless. Biggrin
This is very interesting indeed. I was thinking only the other day that a thing like this would be the basis for an automated awards system. Instead of a usergroup change the user gets an award - automatically.

I can also use it as it stands for my existing purposes, but it does work in the way I thought would be best. Add a new table - run a task based on a filtered version of the threads/posts table and then execute at a certain time.

I am getting more wary on adding usergroups - I think that they lead to bloat in the forum permissions cache - right now that cache on my site is at 225.61 KB. That seems a lot to me.
What about something like, need X promotions as requirement?

So it will check forum promotions requirements and groups requirements.

It is very good as it is anyways Smile
I was actually looking for something just like this, so this is pretty awesome! Thank you!
that's what I would do: I want registered members spend in moderation up to 5 topics in some forums determined and then they automatically switch to another group - super registered who will no longer need to be moderate.
I'm a little lost in your plugin, could you help me please ?
It actually is very useful, If you remember this than this post is a thankyou for the plugin.
And i see here the xthread has so much for mybb users.
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