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Full Version: Custom Username/Usertitle/Post Formatting
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This module allows users to have their own style for their username/usertitle/posts.

The information presented here relates to version 1.0.5.

By default, users can change the font and colour of their username/usertitle/posts.
Admins can define more CSS styles (requires a knowledge of regular expressions to be used effectively).

More info can be found here:

This module is included in the MyPlaza package, so no separate download is necessary.
I think there is a problem with this or it could on my side. Whenever I try to activate this I get a blank white page or if the database table is there I get an MySql error saying it is already there. Since it put the sql in is there way I could manually do the code edits to get to work or something and yes I have entered my ftp details so it can do that file edits.

EDIT: Ok wow I'm dumb, I found where it tells you want to do. Great plugin!
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