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Full Version: Attachment Fees module
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The Attachment Fees module allows uploaders and admins to set a price to users wishing to download their attachments.

The information presented here relates to version 1.1.1.

Features include (but not limited to):
  • Adds a textbox for users to specify a fee for a new/existing attachment
  • Fees manageable via Attachments section in UserCP
  • Admins have full control over which usergroups, forums can add fees, earn money off fees and maximum allowable fees
  • Admins can specify custom premium rates for different usergroups
  • Admins can specify global fees at a attachment/post/thread/forum level, which is charged by the board

More info can be found here:

This module is included in the MyPlaza package, so no separate download is necessary.
Bug Fix?
After one person pays, then everyone else gets the attachment free.
Any chance of a bug fix, please? Thanks.
Seeker has reported this bug to me too
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