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Full Version: Buy Into Usergroup module
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Fairly simply, the Buy into Usergroup module allows users to pay a fee to join a usergroup.
This obviously has many possible uses, such as granting access to restricted material, elevating user privileges etc.

Upload the attached PHP file to your /inc/plugins/myplaza directory, and activate via the AdminCP.

The download can be found below:

EDIT: Updated to v1.0.1 - adds ability to set time limits.
Very useful... one of the best.
Updated to v1.0.1 - adds the ability for admins to specify time limits for staying in the usergroup.
You need to reactivate this plugin before any changes appear.

The time limits allow, for example, users to buy access into a usergroup, but it will only last for a limited amount of time (if specified by the admin).
You can set the time limit when editing the usergroup in the AdminCP.

Appears to work here, however, I have not had the chance to test this extensively.


Thank you for the great work.
Will join forum soon Smile

Where in the admin CP do you activate it, i dont see it anywhere Wrote:Where in the admin CP do you activate it, i dont see it anywhere
AdminCP -> MyPlaza -> Modules

All modules can be activated there.
Can this take a member out of one group and put him into another?
This will change a user's primary group - that is, yes, it will take the user out of their primary group and move them into another usergroup.
Ok thanks, that will be perfect for my forum ;D.
I got this error:

MySQL error: 1054
Unknown column 'REQUEST_TIME' in 'where clause'
Query: SELECT * FROM mybb_plaza_ugroup_timeouts WHERE timeout <= REQUEST_TIME
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