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Full Version: Remove/Lessen Restrictions module
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The Remove/Lessen restrictions module actually has two uses:
  • Allow admins to specify permissions at a user level
  • Allows users to pay to remove or lessen some restrictions (eg, a user can pay for extra PM quota)

Currently, this module will be able to modify the following restrictions, on a user level:
  • PM quota
  • Attachment quota
  • Post flood time
  • Max Signature length
  • Maximum number of allowable images in a Signature
  • Max Avatar filesize
  • Max Avatar dimensions
  • Minimum Post length
  • Maximum Post length
  • Maximum number of allowable images in a Post
  • Max number of allowable Attachments in a Post
  • Maximum attached thumbnail dimensions
  • Edit time limit
  • Maximum Poll option length
  • Maximum number of allowable Poll options
  • Reputation power
  • Search flood time
  • Ability to edit custom title
  • Ability to change username
  • Ability to view Who's Onlie list
  • Ability to see hidden members in Who's Online
  • Ability to add Public Events to Calendar
  • Ability to view Member List
  • Ability to send E-mails to other users
  • Ability to use PMs
  • Ability to Track PMs (request read receipts)
  • Ability to deny PM Receipts
  • Ability to post Polls
  • Ability to delete (own) Posts
  • Ability to delete (own) Threads
  • Ability to edit (own) Posts
  • Ability to rate Threads
  • Ability to post Attachments
  • Ability to post Threads
  • Ability to download Attachments
  • Ability to view User Profiles

When editing a user in the AdminCP, there will be a "Edit User Permissions" link near the top of the page.

For users with Advanced Modules properly configured:
You can simply copy the URL of the attached MPU file and paste it into the textbox inside the Update Manager of the AdminCP.  MyPlaza will do the rest for you Tongue

For other users, simply download the attached PHP file and upload to /inc/plugins/myplaza and activate from the AdminCP.

After Installation
Go to the modules section of the AdminCP and click the show items link next to this module.
Unhide all the items you want the end user to be able to purchase.  Don't forgot to set purchase limits and costs!
heads-up for those using the mpu-upload method: deactivate the module then re-activate it to be able to configure it.
also, disabling this module doesn't remove the categories it makes <.<;
This is fantastic, thank you.
amazing module, thanks Zinga
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