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Full Version: No Special Characters in Usernames
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This is a fairly useless plugin.  It just disallows usernames which have characters other than a-z, 0-9 and _ in them (can allow more characters by changing the setting under "User Registration and Profile Options").
I recall someone requesting this, which is why I made it.

Otherwise, just posting it here to increase my post count.
nice idea Smile
and if prevent from using "space" character?
(04-25-2010 12:18 PM)FBI Wrote: [ -> ]nice idea Smile
and if prevent from using "space" character?
Yes, it prevents using the space character.
Well done zinga. I love this
John Smith         will not be accepted is this correct?
Yes, that is correct.
(03-14-2010 10:43 AM)ZiNgA BuRgA Wrote: [ -> ]This is a fairly useless plugin. ....

Not useless / Will help some people a lot.  Smile

If you ever find the time, any chance of getting it to "integrate" better w/ MyBB's ajax username check?
i.e. MyBB still gives a green box to John Smith, then your useful plugin catches it server side, and gives a reject notice.  Rules

Since the ajax 'stuff' is already in place what would be needed, modification to the function which checks the username? --> Probably no plugin hook there?
  • Can it even be done with a plugin as opposed to core mod?
Thank you & happy holiday.
Okay, fair enough, check first post for updated version:
- checks username in AJAX registration
- added setting under User Registration and Profile Options, where you can enter in additional characters you want to allow

To upgrade, deactivate and reactivate the plugin.
Wow, told you it wasn't useless, thanks ZB/Yumi!

edit: The download url is messed up, at this time:

The requested URL /\"xthreads_attach.php/25_1278150200_f7947eaf/efeb79e5437dbd890b2f51a3195ff8cb/stduname.php\" was not found on this server.

Sorry about that, should be fixed now.

Also, thanks to RateU for finding a bug with this version (should be fixed now).  If you've downloaded this plugin before this post, please download again, thanks.
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