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MyBB allows users to have a primary group and a number of secondary groups, but unfortunately, users can only have one of the groups they are a member of on display.
This plugin allows users to see all the groups the user is a part of, displayed in their profile, as per screenshot below:
Thanks Smile
Very good Plug-in Smile
Nice plugin Smile
How did I miss this before? Really useful, thank you. Smile
a very helpful plugin for me and a really simple code.
we need it cause we have many secondary groups, which we can see now in profile
without a long travel through the admin cp Tongue

thanks Wink
Useful plugin, but how to make a group membership NOT in profile but in the posts below avatar.? (Only primary group) Like in IPB
Dunno if this works, but maybe something like this in a postbit template somewhere:


@up Yes it works, it show a usergroup in posts, but the name of usergroup is not in color.
You'd need a plugin for it to be in colour unfortunately.
If you have PHP in Templates plugin installed, you could probably use:

<?php echo format_name($groupscache[$post['usergroup']]['title'], $post['usergroup']); ?>

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