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Warning: this plugin has some known issues with messing up counters on the latest MyBB due to the complex workarounds it has to go through to get things working, and the fact that MyBB actually gets bug fixes sometimes.  This can lead to some quirky effects on your board, but usually can be resolved by recounting everything (but you have to do this every so often)

I spent quite a few days working on this plugin - it's quite fiddly to get right and I found it a bit of a challenge to implement (especially the counters).

Basically this stops threads and posts from being "fully" deleted.  Deleted threads/posts are displayed appropriately, only shown to moderators (see screenshots below).  Moderators can then undelete these deleted threads/posts if desired.  Administrators also have the ability to purge (completely remove) deleted threads/posts.

Due to the difficulty of this plugin, I can't be entirely sure that all cases are covered - I have done a fair bit of testing, but if you do find issues, please report them.  To give you an idea of how difficult this plugin was to get right, the development of this plugin actually lead to the finding of a few bugs in MyBB:

This plugin is somewhat affected by some of these bugs to an extent, though should be nothing major under normal usage.

This plugin requires a code modification (due to the lack of hooks provided).
For MyBB 1.6, see here
For MyBB 1.4 or 1.6 beta: in inc/class_moderation.php, find (FIRST INSTANCE):

PHP Code:

add below:

PHP Code:
if(function_exists('softdeletex_approveposts')) eval(softdeletex_approveposts($post));

If you're a fag and think code edits are homosexual, you can GTFO or make a plugin (that works properly) which doesn't require them - go ahead, I challenge you

Upgrade instructions: If you're upgrading from v1.0 or v1.1 to v1.2x, please see this post


  • The undelete function has been implemented as an approve, that is, approving a deleted thread/post will undelete it.
  • Deleting an unapproved item, when restored, will no longer be unapproved.
  • Uninstalling the plugin will remove all deleted threads and posts

Known issues:
  • Custom moderation has not been tested with deleted content and may cause issues.  Probably does work, but it may stuff up some counters.
  • Splitting posts from a thread, causing the first post to become a deleted post will cause the thread to be marked as deleted.  However, the thread count of the forum may not go down by 1 due to this.  This is mostly (indirectly) due to a MyBB bug.  But if this really bothers you, it's possible to fix this issue by doing the following modification to inc/class_moderation.php

    PHP Code:
    			$forum_counters[$moveto]['threads'] = $forum_cache[$moveto]['threads'];

    Replace with:

    PHP Code:
    			$forum_counters[$moveto]['threads'] = '+1';

  • Deleting posts containing attachments won't cause the attachment count of the thread to go down.  I don't really think this as much of an issue however, as, with standard MyBB behaviour, unapproving attachments or posts doesn't affect the thread's attachment count.

Changelogs: v1.1, v1.2, v1.21, v1.22, v1.23, v1.24, v1.25

Wow cool Smile
Updated to v1.1:
- fixed issues with merging threads
- separate files - helps a bit with reducing load as this plugin is fairly sizable (>1000 lines of "compact" code)
Um... How can I make this feature available for other groups?
(04-23-2010 04:34 AM)AXVIS Wrote: [ -> ]Um... How can I make this feature available for other groups?
Could you explain that further?
(04-23-2010 08:05 AM)ZiNgA BuRgA Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-23-2010 04:34 AM)AXVIS Wrote: [ -> ]Um... How can I make this feature available for other groups?
Could you explain that further?

Well so other user groups that I choose can have the ability to delete/hide the threads of there choice.
I still don't quite understand you.  Whether users can delete/hide their posts depends on their user permissions (check the AdminCP -> Users & Groups section and also forum permissions).
OK never mind. No more questions. Thanks for trying anyway Biggrin
I had to stop distributing my Soft Delete Posts/Threads plugin for a bug I was not able to fix.
Not sure if yours has this issue too but I'm going to point out that it might have. The problem is in pagination, pagination counts with (approved posts only) so if delete posts are approved the pagination will be messed up. Not sure if you get what I mean.

Great plugin though Smile
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