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Hmm, okay, if you do happen to figure out how to do it again, please tell how Smile
I am using X threads on my forum and I was looking around on this forum for some more information on the logic around customising the WOL fields.

At the moment all my users are showing up on the Main Index. I found some snippets in the Gallery Thread so I have some links working/showing now. I saw that in the MyGallery Demo thread you used some variables like this:

<a href="{1}">{2}</a>

and I wondered if there was a plan to make a thread about how to use those variables? I could not find a thread about that aspect of x threads, but the forum customisation options are just one of the many things I like about this plugin, I just would like my users to be able to see where other users are browsing - especially my downloads forum..
It's the same as MyBB's language files.
If you go to AdminCP -> Configuration -> Languages -> [edit your language] -> online.lang.php, you'll see what the XThreads option does hopefully.

Hope that helps.
Thank you very much - I worked it out from there. Excellent.
WOAH.. Just got done looking at this plugin a bit closer! Incredible. Very well done Zinga!

Thank you..

May have to set up a test site and play around with this one a bit.
OK, now I have a new question...

Looking at one of the options for a custom thread field:
Quote:Allow Filtering
Allows users to filter threads using this thread field in forumdisplay. This does not affect templates, so you need to make appropriate changes to make this option useful. The URL is based on the filtertf_key variable. For example, forumdisplay.php?fid=2&filtertf_status=Resolved will only show threads with the thread field "status" having a value of "Resolved". Note, multiple filters are allowed, and you can also specify an array of values for a single field. Also note, if this field allows multiple values, filtering can be rather slow and increase server load by a fair bit.

As I've highlighted above, it says that you can filter with multiple values for one field. My question is, how do you do so? I've been trying to figure out with no success.

And again, great plugin... developed a nice little "application" with it...
Here's an example

Code:[]=Label A&filtertf_prefix[]=Label B

Basically, if you specify an array, it does an OR operation, as opposed to an AND.

Updated to v1.10.
To upgrade, follow the upgrade instructions in the first post.

  • add "Viewable Usergroups" option to custom thread fields, where you can select user groups who cannot view the value of the field.  Also add "Unviewable Value" which is what will be displayed to users in groups which cannot view the value (thanks to RateU for the suggestion)
  • integration with Quick Thread plugin - it will only display required fields in the quick thread box; also, it might look a little odd - you might want to edit the Quick Thread template if you feel that way.
  • suppress warning generated by PHP in safemode with cURL (thanks to Pirata Nervo for pointing it out)
  • re-word "Only accept uploaded images" label in the AdminCP, as it may lead admins to believe that it disables URL fetching when it doesn't (thanks for comment by Pirata Nervo)
  • added ability to specify current thread/forum URLs in custom thread field's display values; use {$threadurl$}, {$forumurl$}, {$threadurl?} or {$forumurl?} - this calls MyBB's internal URL functions, so will work with both SEO enabled and disabled, as well as the Google SEO modification.  The '?' variant is for use if you wish to append arguments to URLs.
  • modify language vars corresponding to the above, and also add info about variables being accepted in some inputs.
  • add clarification to custom WOL text for forums (language file edit) (thanks to leefish for the comment)
  • add warning about 2GB size limit per file for XThreads' attachments if 32-bit PHP is being used
  • prevent a critical error from occurring if a thumbnail for a field doesn't exist
  • fix cURL early termination for attachment URL fetching (untested)
  • fix an url handling bug in the AdminCP
  • update compatibility specification to work on MyBB 1.5x
  • other minor fixes and tweaks

Hmm, might need to update some guides which use something like <a href="forumdisplay.php?fid={$fid}&amp;filtertf_prefix={VALUE}"> to the more proper <a href="{$forumurl?}filtertf_prefix={VALUE}">
Thank you for the update zinga, I'm upgrading right now
Wow.. We have new features! Thank you very much, Yumi. Amazing!50star.GIF
Ah, and the compatibility with Quick Thread plugin, I really love it!

Yes, I have edited my XThreads example threads in XThreads Forum to make it "compatible" with the new features and the new filtering URL Smile

Thank you very much, Yumi.
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