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Sweet thanks.
Dis here... amazing stuff Rules
Updated to v1.60 - this is a relatively big update which I'm too lazy to test extensively:
  • rearrange the custom thread field edit page (just so I can piss everyone off)
  • add Input Formatter option for custom thread fields; similar to Display Format, but applied at input time as opposed to output
  • add Custom Input Error option to allow a custom conditional to validate a thread field
  • add support for multi-valued file inputs
    • the interface currently provides no way to "update" (change, retaining download counts) specific files - you can only delete and add; as for non-multi-valued file inputs, you can only replace, unless it's not required, where you can delete, submit, then add to reset the download count
    • sorting attachments is only possible if Javascript is enabled
    • the input HTML for file fields has drastically changed - if you're using a custom Input HTML for any file fields, you will need to update them!
  • duplicate filename check for xtattachments removed - note that this means that users can upload multiple copies of the same file to a single thread, as well as multiple copies of the same file to a single multi-valued file input (in particular, when refreshing the submission page)
  • some tweaks to threadfield inputs, mainly some HTML5 validation additions
  • add option to limit the maximum number of values that can be entered in a multivalue field.  Primarily useful for limiting the number of files that can be attached to a multivalue file field.
  • <setvar> fix and function call fixes from Template Conditionals v1.7
  • more flexibility with variable array indexing / property accessing, eg stuff like {$var[strtoupper($something)]} is now possible; this is at the expense of not being able to use the '}' character anywhere in indexing
  • ability to reference thumbnails/dimensions in the file (image) input field's Display Format, through eg {THUMBS['320x240']['url']} (these also carry the flexibility of the above change)
  • templates created by XThreads are now installed into MyBB's "Master" template set; for existing installs (upgrades) the upgrader will remove the templates in the global template set if they appear to be unmodified
    • note that although they're now in the master template set, MyBB's find updated templates is tied to MyBB's version, so won't operate on XThreads templates
    • also the threadfields_inputrow template has been renamed to post_threadfields_inputrow, just to annoy everyone
  • XThreads will now also remove all xtattachments on the filesystem when uninstalled
  • add more threadfield filtering modes to forumdisplay filtering - eg you can now filter on threads that have the threadfield containing a certain value; for upgrading, threadfields that have filtering enabled will be set to "Exact match" mode
  • filtering threadfields with non-text datatypes, as well as special filters (uid, prefix etc) now support extended operations, such as greater-than, between etc. See the add/edit threadfield page in the ACP for more info
  • fix bug where some default forumdisplay sorters (such as sort by prefix) would not work if no threadfields were defined for the forum (thanks to InfraWorld for finding)
  • fix bug where admin permissions could get messed up if they're being inherited (thanks to asmile for reporting)
  • if you're not using MyBB's multipage templates in forumdisplay for paging (for example, you're using a 'older posts' link in a forumdisplay template), you can now append XThreads' filtering URL params more easily - just replace instances of {$page_url} with {$page_url}{$page_url_xt} (thanks to brad-t for the hint)
  • add support for complex thumbnail generation routines.  You can now define how a "thumbnail" (which you may decide to not even use as that) is generated by supplying a filter chain, eg "graythumb=downscale(100,75)->grayscale()" will generate a thumbnail, accessible via {$GLOBALS['threadfields']['key']['thumbs']['graythumb']} (thanks to brad-t for the suggestion)
    • note that comma is no longer a valid delimiter for specifying a list of thumbnail sizes (it never officially was anyway) - if you have commas already in the field, make sure to replace them with the pipe (|) character (the upgrader won't do this because I'm lazy)
    • see XThreads documentation for all the info about available functions and examples
  • fix WOL overrides for showthread/attachment/newreply which was broken by some version of MyBB 1.6.x (thanks to Gstone for finding)
  • fix for Plugins Manager and possibly other plugins (thanks to sulitnet and RateU for pointing out)
  • change the email text mask to be a bit more accurate; existing fields with the mask set to 'Email Address' will get changed to the new 'Email Address (restrictive)' mask, which disallows a few special characters, but is less restrictive than the old 'Email Address' mask
  • display thread fields in showthread by default, controllable through a thread field setting; the 'Hide Input Field' setting has been merged into this new 'Hide Thread Field' setting.  Upgrading: all existing thread fields will be set to be hidden on showthread to maintain old behaviour
Thanks ZiNgA
how to upgrade from 1.53?
pls help.
(11-19-2012 06:36 AM)WINBOY Wrote: [ -> ]pls help.
Wow, thanks.

(11-18-2012 08:11 PM)ZiNgA BuRgA Wrote: [ -> ]...
(the upgrader won't do this because I'm lazy)

If you are lazy, how did you finish such a big upgrade?
After upgrade..I GOT THIS ERROR.
Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/....../public_html/cache/xthreads_evalcache.php on line 5
how did you upgraded?
first i had deactivate than upload file through plugin uploader.
But after this i cant able to creat new thrwad without filling all field and after creating thread giving above error.
what to do now?
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