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Full Version: What features would you like in MyBB?
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Walkman, for portal changes you could try the advanced portal from (its in the mods section). You can edit the template to change the look and the side boxes can be whatever you like

I used it on my last forum - take a look  

I don't run this forum anymore, so please don't tell me about the broken/wrong links etc ...I know, and it breaks my heart
(06-04-2010 10:01 AM)RateU Wrote: [ -> ]Wow.. So, the portal in "main" domain and the forum in sub-domain, Yumi?
Yes, though that really isn't that difficult to do - you just need to have the portal page reference where you've stored the forum script.  Getting the actual "blog posts" to fall under the main domain, and not the forum subdomain, is a little bit more tricky.

(06-04-2010 10:42 PM)walkman Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, I noticed those additions. Do you plan to release them or is it for personal use?
I don't know.  I wrote it up a long time ago, and it was somewhat rather specifically designed in a certain way (in other words, I hard coded a few things).
Maybe one day I'll go back and revist the code and make it more releasable, but well, depends on whether I feel like it or not >_>
I'd love to see tableless design.
I like its Posting style.Its very easy to use and having no problem......I like these forums and always prefer to use them.......In every matter MyBB forums are best ....Real time chicago Real Estate listings!
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