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Full Version: Set "From" email?
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Right now, (for example) hotmail does not recognize the sender email (email notifications), not sure if you did this on purpose but it's annoying to have to check the junk email to read notification emails.
MS's mail filtering is a big piece of crap.  It blocks half of my legitimate emails.  I suggest disabling it to avoid the hassle of dealing with that big piece of sh*t.
(if you want a more reliable filter, use GMail, though you may have a bit of a lock in with Hotmail)

I don't particularly want to put a valid address here...
I use gmail, but Windows Live mail is set to hotmail by default and I can't be bothered to add gmail here Tongue
Well, okay, I put "" as an email, not that I think this will get around Hotmail's mail filters, but see how it goes I guess...
Yeap works now Smile
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