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MyBB has a Split Post moderation tool which is useful for splitting posts off into a different thread if the topic goes for a turn.  However, I find at times, the topic may have gone off-topic half way through a post.

This is where the idea came from.  This plugin adds a post moderation tool which will allow moderators to "dissect" (can't use the word "split") a post, and perhaps, then split the second half of the post into a separate thread.

I also find that some longer posts may work better if split up into multiple posts, but this may be difficult if replies have been made.  This plugin can be useful in these situations as well.

Additionally, if more than one post is checked, it will allow posts to be duplicated.

Note that the automatic post merging may be a little problematic as MyBB's code assumes posts are ordered by pid (not a good assumption to make, but well...).  I haven't tried this.
Other known possible side effects:
- MyBB's AJAX quick reply feature is retarded and orders by pid (instead of dateline, which it _should_ be ordering by).  Basically it means that it is theoretically possible for a user to be redirected to a duplicate post rather than the latest post.
- Duplicating the lastpost of the thread won't update the lastpost link (ie, it will link to the original lastpost)
It looks like a handy fature to have. I downloaded and will it try it out. Thank you.
Yeah! Another useful tool. Thank you very much, Yumi Smile
Looks good - course, I need some people to post before I can use this.... Smile
Thanks for the feedback Smile
Updated to v1.2:
- fix a MyBB showthread query so that it searches for a post by dateline, rather than pid (may cause a post link to direct a user to the wrong page)
- make most showthread queries order by "dateline,pid" instead of just "dateline".  Hopefully this makes things a little more stable, although I haven't seen issues without this.  Basically, MyBB sorts posts by dateline (and due to them being inconsistent, by pid at times), however duplicating posts will retain the same post date/time as the post being duplicated.  Thus the DBMS (eg MySQL) is not required to guarantee ordering of two posts with the same post date/time.  Forcing it to order by pid as well ensures some order.

Update to v1.21:
- wtf at me for forgetting to put the control_object function in
Another usefull plugin
Thanks a lot
EDIT: I am a little bit confused !!
How can I use this feature?
I checked some posts,
Go to quick moderation tool..etc
The post get copied and putted after original post
So now should I use defauld mybb moderation to spllit it again to send it to enother thread?
I think you need to do that if you want to split it (the copied posts).
THanks for reply
I think so, because it make no sense to  duplicate a post and leave it in original thread !
I was thinking this plugin so two things: duplicate a post and send it to another existing thread or to a new thread
Anyway, as is, it is a great plugin
A big thanks to ZiNgA BuRgA
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