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Full Version: Hide Sigs of New Users
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I've been getting a number of spammers register at my forums who seem to make really stupid posts, whilst carrying spam links in their signatures, and usually leave and abandon the account.
Getting a bit annoyed, I made this simple plugin, which will simply hide signatures and website links of users with low post counts.  Adds a setting under Profile options to specify the minimum post count for signatures to be shown.  It will hide signatures in posts and the profile page, and will give a warning in the edit signature page that signatures will be hidden.

Can't say that this will reduce spam or not, but ideally, it may be a bit of a disincentive to spammers to post on your forums (if they consider that at all).
Otherwise, maybe it may have other uses.

Caveat: this plugin uses the user's post count, so posts in forums which don't add to post count, won't count for this plugin either.
^ Lol
Seems that spammers have started sticking links in the "My Website" field now...  so updated the plugin to remove that as well as the signature.
Thanks for this great plugin. It's pretty easy to use too. Smile
I was thinking of adding this, as I am having some problems with spammers. What I have done (maybe just as a stop gap) is I have used the php in templates to HIDE the option to change signature for low post count groups. However - look out - now I am getting spammers who post - come back later - and put urls in the posts. Geez. I am seriously thinking of taking the MYBB copyright out of the templates :/
^ This probably won't help you then.  It essentially does something similar (just doesn't require the admin to enable PHP in templates).

I'm not sure if it's really the MyBB copyright attracting spammers, rather, I think they're just targeting random boards.  But if you think that's the case, MyBB said they're fine with an image copyright (if you want to retain one).

Most of these spam posters are identifiable (post content seems really stupid), although some are rather more intelligent (but often are copy/paste jobs).
Hmm, so I installed this too - it looks like someone has told our spammers how to do the editsig action - are going straight into the field via the url. I also noticed that they are registering as invisible users to try and hide from the Whos on Line list.

Its a shame that the option to HAVE a signature is not available as an option in the ACP to assign per user group.
leefish, for your kind information, here is the plugin which accomplish your need. It will allow signatures on group base in ACP. Wink

Hey thanks Smile
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