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Full Version: Removal of 'XThreads - MyBB Hacks' link from page
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I am new to myBB and found xThreads very useful to customize the forms.

But I am unclear on the licensing policy.

Please advise as to what I need to do to remove the 'XThreads - MyBB Hacks' link from the forum pages before I put my website in production. Is it allowed only for premium subscription holders or to anyone who is registered?

The license is written next to the place you downloaded it from.  XThreads is under GPLv3.

XThreads does not add any of that text so it can't be against license to remove something that was never added.  You most likely added that text yourself when following a guide.
Thanks for your response.

I implemented the 'product review' example. In the pf_forumdisplay_threadlist template, the following html is present.
So wanted to clarify with you before removing it. Thanks for the clarification.

<strong><a href="">XThreads</a> - <a href="">MyBB Hacks</a></strong>
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