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Full Version: Custom thread field not showing with new theme
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My apologies if this has been addressed before. I did search on the forum but couldn't find any suitable answer.

I have added custom thread field 'Website URL' which the user has to enter before submitting a post. The custom field is visible in the default theme and works perfectly well.

But when i installed a new theme, the custom thread field does not show up. Do I need to make some changes to the new theme so that it reflects the custom thread fields?

Please refer to the attachments for screenshots with default theme & with new theme.

Please advise.
As with most MyBB plugins that make template edits, installing a new theme after activating the plugin means that the edits aren't there.
You can either manually add the edits yourself or deactivate->activate the plugin.
Awesome! It works after the edits.

Thanks a bunch!!
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