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Full Version: Chance for a new 'Admin Post Editing' 1.8 ?
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The original myBB 1.2 plugin was very much instrumental for me and some colleagues of mine when there were no actual plugins to convert a previous forum structure to MyBB a while ago.  With it, we were able to (~groan~) enter every thread and post of every member (by hand)

The code itself is very nice, but I am not a php coder, and obviously wouldn't have a chance of adapting it to MyBB 1.8.  I am aware the code would be placed within INC\PLUGINS folder... at least installing things I'm not a total noob. Yes

So I was curious if a revision of this plugin is possible?
I will take the challenge.
Good luck Sama34.
There was a few cases that plugin didn't handle, one reason I never bothered updating it, like:
- last post time/user indicators
- ordering of posts if time has changed (may or may not be desirable, but difficult to deal with nonetheless)
Hey, to me the main thing is the changing of the ownership.  Granted, you would also like to swap the IP address with the new owner's IP (or replacing with would do well too Tongue ).

Changing the post time?  Well, it was useful when I had to enter all those posts manually while wishing to retain the original post date from the previous (saved) board.  And I hope I never have to do that again....

The board is still there....  Biggrin   Thanks to this plugin.
This is what I got this far:

There are still some issues as you mentioned; it was the work of a few hours only.
First...  Hey, I didn't realize you made the Awards plugin I'm using. Great

Biggrin  When I downloaded it from Github, I tried just downloading the links that read adminwhatever.php... not realizing I click it and grab the php in the pastebin like window.  Hahaha.  You should have seen the admin panel.  ROFL.

MORON!!! (to self) Tongue Winktongue Biggrin

Okay, now for what I see:

Changing Author name:  Nailed it!  Yipi
MyBB didn't have the whole 'enter 3 characters and select from the users' feature back then.  Now, selecting a name is even easier.

Changing Post date:  Slightly off. Yes
A post initially set to April 20, 2014 at 12:14 ...  I set it back a month and it displayed as March 19, 2014 at 8:14.  I only edited the month and didn't touch the 'day' nor the time itself.  But the day and hour were affected.  Possibly why ZiNgA BuRgA went with editing the linux date code in 2008.  Dropdown date changing does make it easier, but the linux date entry that ZiNgA BuRgA used may be more practical.

Changing the IP:  Nope.
The entered IP address reverts back to the original.

As you say, this is what you have so far.  And a couple hours time... not bad at all! Gasp
I'm curious if any more work was done towards this plugin.  As I stated earlier, the Username feature works perfectly.  It's just that the date is off and the IP address substitution is non-functional.  Insofar as the date system, I guess ZiNgA BuRgA's use if text box for a linux date would work just fine.  Got me on the IP address function.

Hey, I have dialup.  Really.  So I am a VERY patient person.
It has to do with time zones. Please try the new update (simple re-upload).

I have an alternative on mind if this doesn't work.
May want to try the alternative.

Regarding the date...  I ... something may have been missed, but it is oddly workable (with some patience)

I took a post with the new plugin, and edited a post's date to...
    19 February, 2014 - Time 5:14 am
... It generated a date of 02-19-2014, 12:14 AM for the post when I saved it.

When I went and edited the post again, the area that allows you to edit the date read as...
    19 February, 2014 - Time 10:14 am
Oddly, without changing the date and hitting enter, the post's date was saved as
    19 February, 2014 - Time 5:14 am
.... which is what I wanted in the first place.

So, I first thought that maybe my own timezone set to -5 from GMT affected the date change from 10:14am to 5:14am.  However, I hit edit once again and the 5:14am time changed to 3:14pm.  That's a full 10 hours off, so it shouldn't have been based upon my timezone, nor the timezone of the member whose name I set the post.  His timezone is only -4 from GMT.

And (obviously) IPs still not working.  Tested by replacing one with  no change.  It reverted

OH... to anyone interested, 91.200.12.* should be in your ban list.   This is the IP address range for a bunch of known spammers Wink
Well, it's been nearly a month.  About that alternative method, is it ready?

Oh.  I hope the IP address warning was appreciated.
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