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Full Version: Some feedback for the site
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Hi there,

So I registered to this community as I felt the need to report a spam post (they drive me crazy!) and while I'm here I figured I'd give you guys some feedback.

  1. Modern Browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will show login forms as insecure for websites that don't implement HTTPS so you should consider implementing it. Services like Cloudflare or LetsEncrypt allow you to do this easily and free of charge.
  2. Fix the contact link so guests can contact you guys
  3. Update to Google's nocaptcha-recaptcha as it's easier to solve and better at blocking spammers.

Thanks for considering my feedback Smile
Really appreciate the effort you've gone to to suggest all that.
To avoid future disappointment though, I'll mention this upfront: I'm lazy and really couldn't care, so the chances any of that will get implemented is basically 0.

I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but... that's just the way it is.  Thanks anyway.
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