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Full Version: What Firefox Extensions do you use?
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Practically every tech related forum has such a thread, so we must have one too.

Anyway, me:
  • Adblock Plus - for obvious reasons
  • BlockSite (disabled) - used to block Google Analytics, now I just null route the domain (hosts file)
  • Firebug - handy thing most web developers have
  • Firecookie - I wanted some tool to manipulate cookies - this advertises that it does it, but doesn't seem to work that well :/
  • FoxyProxy - quickly change proxies
  • ImgLikeOpera - improves Firefox with images disabled
  • RefControl - bypassing hotlink protection on some sites
  • RefreshBlocker - cause I find META refreshes annoying
  • Resizeable Textarea - cause I'm not using Firefox 4.0 yet
  • Session Manager - for when Firefox crashes, or just that I like having 30 tabs open, so reloading Firefox doesn't reload all tabs
  • Tab Mix Plus - very handy, multiple tab rows, plus highlight unviewed tabs
  • User Agent Switcher - masquerade as Googlebot to bypass sites which only allow Google to see content
No Script
FEBE (for backups)
Element hiding helper for Adblockplus
Firebug - big assistance in webdesign
Html Validator - little helper in webdesign
NoScript - more safer than it is
RefControl - as its name implies
User Agent Switcher - masquerade
Web Developer - dont wanna miss ist!
Flag Fox
Screen Grabber
Capture Fox
I use screen grab and firebug only Biggrin
I'm an Opera user (hangs head in shame).

On my firefox browser setup I have web developer, screen grab and firebug.
Opera's a pretty nice browser IMO.  It has a few shortcomings for me though.  Apparently version 11 will include extensions support (beta out now I think) which hopefully allows the stuff I'd like to have in my browser.

Firefox's memory bloat is kinda annoying.
I've been using Chrome since the day it was released and love it. Used Opera before that. Only used Firefox as my primary browser when I was at college because I got sick of having to use IE7.
Screen Grabber
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