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Full Version: [Paid] Upload image on Imgur as preview image thread
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Is possible upload images on imgur and make it as preview's thread?

I try to explain well (sorry for my English):

1) Upload image on imgur, only as an image preview:

[Image: f1OLCIG.png]

2) Image uploaded on imgur is showed on forumdisplay_thread like image preview and you can manage it like you want (css customized, frameworks etc):

[Image: rqM4Ozl.png]

So I need only a link to the image (previously upladed on imgur) for make it a preview image only. I use xthreads then for manage all, the only thing I need is to upload easily images on imgur, to get a link and a preview image for the thread.

For now I'm doing it with xthreads (many many many images uploaded on my server...) but when I have to reinstall the site on the server it takes hours and hours to download them and then upload them again (many images are 900kb or more -_- ), it is impossible Frown

And compatible with mybb 1.10.

I can pay 20€ for this (Paypal).

Thank you in advance
(sorry again for my English)
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