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Bio: Nasa-sponsored technoclimes 2020 online workshop on mission concepts for search for technical signatures has been published. They categorize signatures based on a measure of humanity's distance to the development capabilities of the required signature technology, associated detection methods, and added benefits of requesting them. The findings of the study include their own reasons for looking for artifacts near our star system. Middle paleolithic technologies in several continental areas over 100,000 years apart. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and a lower risk of iron deficiency anemia.[Five or six] a study published march 31 found that higher consumption of processed meat was associated with a "decent risk of mortality and severe cardiovascular disease." [Seven, 8]covid-19 pandemic: scientists report a more contagious sars-cov-2 variant, lineage p.1, first discovered in japan and recently discovered in brazil, or at several institutions; in the us, may be associated with re-infection with covid-19 after recovery from earlier covid-19. Infection -19.[9][10]- scientists demonstrate a biotechnology-based, self-powered soft robot for deep-sea transactions in the deepest part of the ocean in the mariana trench. The robot is equipped with artificial muscles and wings made of flexible materials and electronics located inside its silicone base and can be used to discover and track the environment. Azoamicus ciliaticola, an anaerobic ciliate, to which it realizes energy like atp reserves. Unlike mitochondria, which play the same role in eukaryotes, they allow their possessor to breathe nitrates instead of oxygen. , Some 13 billion light years away. And mushrooms known in the world to give them a survival rate of several years. Human physiological limit.[22][23]- a new global archive of food emissions data shows that food systems are responsible for one-third of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.[24][25]- scientists report that some sea slugs, elysia marginata, can shed and regenerate their parasite-infested whole body from the head, h is capable of photosynthesis. [29][30] another study published the same day shows that wormholes that only humans can pass through could be possible if reality happens to be broadly described by the randall-sundrum 2 model, which is a brane-based theory, consistent with string theory.[31][32] the physicist describes a mode of existence for warp drives based on familiar and familiar pure positive energy - warp bubbles, which are based on superluminal self-amplifying "soliton" waves. It can provide travel speeds, modes and contacts faster than the speed of light, but large energy requirements may be reduced. Genome editing in mouse liver, resulting in a 57% reduction in ldl cholesterol.[36][37]- researchers describe a crispr-dcas9 epigenome editing method for future reversal of chronic pain relief that inhibits nav1.7 and showed therapeutic potential in 3 mouse models of pain. 202012/01 is high, rising from 0.25 to zero.41% in the low-risk group in the database, excluding the effects of the vaccination campaign in europe. The study, published march 15, estimates the strain's mortality risk to be almost 61% (42-82%) more potent than pre-existing variants. Information about covid-19 vaccines indicates concerns about the percentage of intact mrna in the first commercial batches of mrna vaccines that are available reflects the lack of confidence in their performance at that time.[44][45]- it has been shown that a new microscopy method using a hyperbolic metamaterial increases the image resolution from 200 nanometers up to 40 nanometers.[46][47] - march 11 warming, the amazon basin with the amazon rainforest is now emitting more greenhouse gases than it absorbs entirely due to the impact of climate change and human activities in the area - mainly deforestation. .[49][48]- march 15 - scientists report for the first time the discovery of a new unknown species of methylobacterium bacteria, tentatively named methylobacterium ajmalii, targeting three new strains designated as if7sw-b2t, iif1sw. -B5 and iif4sw-b5, on the world space station. Solar system ejected ~0.5 billion years ago.[52][53][54]- march 17 - study shows that globally coordinated marine conservation can be "nearly twice as fast as uncoordinated national class planning, and bottom trawling is estimated to release as many the same co2 emissions as aviation before covid-19.[55][56][57]- march 18 - a study shows that in the past 50 years, in the old world, the severity of the impact of heatwaves and drought on crops has increased by approximately three times. Measurements of more than 500 quakes with the insight lander on mars earth, that the core of mars is between 1810 and 1860 km (1120 and 1160 miles), which is about half the size of the earth's core and significantly smaller, which suggests the core of lighter elements, than many previously thought.[60][61]—physicists confirm the first discovery of an odderon based on data collected at the large hadron collider at cern.[62]—media reports a public release, the first times, a comprehensive report on ufo incidents accumulated by the united states over the years.[65]- covid-19 pandemic: study demonstrates instantaneous mass testing for covid-19 of approximately 80% of slovak people on weekend dates" upon completion october of this year remained highly effective, reducing observed prevalence by 58% within one week and by 70%. Against competitors in a hypothetical scenario without bulk testing of snapshots. Messier 87, revealing the forces that generate quasars.[68]- scientists report that slow reshaping of early brain cells causes a distinctly large human forebrain compared to some monkeys, and regulates its genetic regulator, zeb2.[69][ 70]tokamak energy announces "first plasma" with its own newly upgraded prototype st40 fusion reactor.[72]—according to the study, national trade, production - and g7 consumption patterns lead to an average annual loss of 3 ,9 trees per capita.[73][74]- continuing the case a study of cities shows that the reallocation of street space for cycling infrastructure - for the so-called "pop-up bike lanes" - during the covid-19 pandemic provokes a significant increase in the number cyclists.[75][76]- the risk of extensive pesticide pollution in the world is estimated through a new precipitation model. /S) neural signals.[81][82]- the first 3d atomic image of an amorphous solid is presented, showing 18,000 atoms in a metallic glass particle.[83][84]- a report on the leading causes of death is published in the united states for 2020.[85][86] -April 2 - scientists report that the event that caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs gave rise to biomes of neotropical rainforests, like the amazon, replacing the species characteristics and structure of local forests. Over the course of about 6 ma recovering to their former levels of plant diversity, they changed from very scattered forests dominated by gymnosperms to forests with dense sun-blocking canopies, predominantly flowering plants, and the tall vertical tiers known today. - April 6 - a study found that the carbon emissions from bitcoin mining in the middle kingdom, where most of the proof-of-work algorithm is calculated that generates current economic value, mainly from non-renewable sources, has rapidly accelerated. , Will soon exceed the total annual emissions of european countries such as italy and spain in recent times and hinder climate change mitigation commitments. In the next 6 months after a diagnosed covid-19 infection was 33.62%, with 12.84% having "received their 1st such diagnosis", and higher risks are associated with the severity of covid-19.[91][92] - April 7 - physicists report that the results of studies of the g-2 muon through subatomic muon particles challenge the standard model, and therefore may require an update from the physics understood today. - Research has shown that tenants involved in problem solving tend to overlook subtractive changes, in particular those that are critical elements of effective solutions. It is shown that this tendency to decide by creating or adding elements is enhanced in situations with the most solid cognitive loads in the case of individuals. Ya), which was found in the koneprusy caves in the czech republic, includes long segments of neanderthals and is thought to be close to the population that later branched out into a variety of europeans and asians. Genomic information that the original european modern humans mixed with the neanderthals with a succession to later humans in eurasia, and report that this mixture was probably more common than many previously claimed.With chips embedded in each side of his brain, playing a mind-controlled version of pong all the time. , A large ape-like organization of the frontal lobe" until 1.5 million years ago and naturally, much later than homo appeared and first dispersed from africa - much later than many claimed before (~ two and a half million years ago). Which can be inherited silencing the gene expression of "most genes" and making possible reversible modifications to human-induced global warming and changing it with the "climate crisis" the low-carbon case was printed with two large sleeves from a mixture including soil and moisture from local sources. Such buildings can be quite cheap, well insulated, stable, quick to build, require relatively little easy to learn manual labor, reduce the carbon footprint of concrete, use less energy, reduce homelessness, promote intentional communities, and provide housing for victims of natural disasters. As well as for migrants to european countries close to their homes rather than politically facilitating their influx.- Scientists develop prototype and design rules for bidirectional silicon solar cells with 26% conversion efficiency. And more, which is considered the highest rate in the territory for this type of solar cells. Differentiated multicellularity - for example, in animal collections - arose at least 1 billion years ago, and perhaps mainly in freshwater lakes, but not overseas. Time to look for quantum communication transmissions sent by eti using existing telescope and receiver technology. He also makes arguments as to why future searches for seti should in parallel be directed towards interstellar quantum communication. Activities had a lower risk of hospitalization and death due to covid-19, while taking into account likely risk factors such as increased bmi.[126][127] - April 15 covid- pandemic 19: the cdc, according to multiple media sources, reports that there have been 5,800 breakthrough covid-19 infections and 74 deaths among those fully vaccinated against the covid-19 virus.[132][133][134] on april 21, scientists report that in a cohort of 417 vaccinated individuals, 2 women had vaccine breakthrough infections and their viral mutation variants identified. ][138][139]- biologists report that approximately two and a half billion adult tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs roamed the earth in their 2-4 million years of existence.[140][141] - a study showed that only 3% of the earth's surface of the planet is considered ecologically and faunistically "untouched", with minimal human impact and healthy populations of local animal attractions.[142][143]- researchers demonstrate the whitest paint formula. , Which reflects up to 98.1% of sunlight and is used instead of air conditioners. Mars.[151]- ivanti pulse connect secure leak related to unauthorized connection to main mission networks since at least june 2020 via cve-2021-22893 in states and some eu countries. [152][153]- scientists show that a class of warp drives, which are slower than light, can control the speed of time inside a spacecraft and are generated from positive energy however, it is possible to construct from known physical principles. In addition, they provide a new argument as to why ftl warp drives have the ability to violate weak force conditions and what a useful thing the concept proposed in a study published in march (see above) "likely forms a new class of warp drives in space- time.”[154] [155]— oxford university reports malaria vaccine with 77% potency after 1 dose, and the first to reach the who target of 75% potency.[156][157] - scientists report that of the approximately 39 million groundwater wells, 6-20% are at high risk of drying up if local groundwater levels drop by several meters, or in many areas and possibly more than half of the major aquifers[158] . Care, from age 3 to 21 weeks, has the potential to lead to significant changes in brain architecture at eye age in males.[163][164]- meta-analysis or a high normal state of pressure is comfortable for the inadmissibility of major cardiovascular diseases. Identified by researchers and contain genes for effective dna repair. 6 may a un report assesses the benefits and costs of rapidly reducing methane emissions.175][176] on may 20, china's co2 emissions were found to be 9% higher than pre-covid-19 levels in the first quarter of 2021, but co2 emissions from fossil fuels and cement production were up 14.5% when compared with 2020. [178]- researchers report that bees have been successfully trained to detect covid-19 infections through samples.[179]- researchers publish the first detailed study of web browser tab interfaces in over a decade and provide a user interface. Design considerations.[180][181]- us colonial pipeline disrupted by ransomware cyber-invasion.[182]- researchers are addressing a key problem with perovskite solar cells by improving their stability. And long-term reliability with the "molecular glue" function. 187]- nasa announces the first continuous measurement of the density of matter in space by the voyag spacecraft. Er 1 and detection of interstellar sounds of oscillations of dense interstellar plasma. [192][193]- using decent resolution data, scientists estimate land use disturbance affected 17% of land between 1960 and 2019, or if multiple changes are taken into account, 32%, "roughly multiple times more than previous estimates" . And research its drivers. [196][197]- scholars report that slower growth scenarios in which manufacturing is either "declining" or declining from the standpoint of current economic indicators such as current gdp were not considered when considering the 1.5°c scenarios reported by the ipcc. , Finding that the growth slowdown scenarios studied "reduce many of the key risks to feasibility and sustainability relative to technology-driven paths", with a desktop problem of such rapidity in terms of modern policy decision-making, but also rebound and displacement effects.[198] [199][200]- scientists advise us congress of continued threat of covid-19 variants and elusive covid-19 mutations. Shows the speed of the output of characters more than twice before the previous record. Rover to the planet.[204]the archivists initiate a rescue operation to work out a normal retrieval of humanity's largest public library of scientific papers, sci-hub, due to the site's growing legal problems, using web and bittorrent technologies.[205] - researchers from japan's riken institute demonstrate the "dry transfer method" to accurately position optical-grade carbon nanotubes without the use of a solvent. Analysis of blood markers.[220][221][222]- scientists are developing a mechanism for memory consolidation during sleep that may allow deliberate activation or amplification of this reactivation of doubt and information.[ 223][224]- scientists are developing a photosensitive tissue circadian rhythm modulator that works over several days, through inhibition of ck1, which may be beneficial for chronobiological research and repair of organs that are out of sync.”[225][226]- biologists testify d to the development of a new updated system for classifying cell nuclei and finding a way to transform a similar type of tissue into another. 120 million degrees celsius in 101 seconds and a peak of 160 million degrees s in 2 tens of seconds.[230] - June 2 - nasa selects davinci and veritas, two proposed spacecraft for studying. The atmosphere and area of its venus as the next missions in its discovery program. - A sensitive method of non-linear spectroscopy with implications for various processes that are associated with water, such as water purification. Months after registration from the hospital, with impl. For testing and treating covid-19.[238][239] - June 7 - astronomers report detection of large amounts of methane, a possible sign of microbial life on enceladus, moon of the planet saturn. [243][242]- biologists report recovery of bdelloid rotifers after being frozen for about 24,000 years in siberian permafrost.[244][245]- the juno spacecraft works it's natural flyby of jupiter's moon ganymede, the first flyby of the moon by any spacecraft in more than two decades. More than half a thousand fast radio bursts from space.[251][252]- google researchers write about a machine learning approach to microchip planning that could outperform human developers.[253][254]- researchers report development quantum non-linear light microscopy with higher sensitivity and beyond the biological photodamage boundary.[255][256] - June 10 - testing of mosquitoes infected with wolbachia bacteria causes a decrease in the incidence of dengue fever by 77% and an 86% reduction in hospital admissions in yogyakarta, indonesia.By the european space agency as the fifth middle-class mission in such a cosmic vision plan, the launch of which is scheduled for the early 2030s. A new take on whole-brain scanning.[262][263]- researchers announce development of biodegradable packaging made from vegetable proteins as an alternative to plastic, molecularly similar to high-strength spider silk.[264][257] - June 11 - biologists report that dna polymerases, long thought to only transcribe dna into dna or rna, can sometimes write segments of rna into dna. It has been found that polθ promotes dna repair via the rna template, which has gained impressive significance in many areas of biology. Galaxies spanning millions of light-years in length. 271][272]- scientists supplement reliable information that cosmetics are widely developed with the help of trains and money, which are known to be unsafe for the human body and ecosystems, often contain pfas.[273][270] - the first crew of three is signing up for china's tiangong space station, which currently consists of the first and main tianhe module. [277][278]- astronomers report identifying 1,715 stars (with potential associated exoplanetary systems) around 326 light-years (100 parsecs), which have a favorable positional viewpoint with respect to the passage of the earth. The zone (etz) is the discovery of the earth as an exoplanet passing through the sun since the dawn of human civilization (about 5000 years ago).[282][283]—study claims that over fifty percent of the cohort in young patients years), infected with covid-19, six months later, symptoms persisted, including fatigue (21%).[284][285]chinese archaeologists report that a skull discovered in harbin in 1933 of the manchukuo national railway, known as homo longi or dragon someone, refers to a hitherto undiscovered species of early humans, closely related to those who lived 146,000 years ago. A comprehensive analysis of an individual nesher ramla homo (120-140 thousand years ago) suggests that there could be an unknown group of hominins, mixed with neanderthals, participated in the evolution of middle pleistocene homo in europe and southeast asian countries. Answers.[292][293]- scientists publish calculations of liquid activity levels in venusian clouds based on similar space probes and conclude that these drugs are two magnitudes below the rule in the sites studied for a natural microbiotic explanation of the potential discovered phosphine on venus.[296][297]- researchers report developing embedded biosensors to look for pathogenic signatures such as sars-cov-2, which can be purchased in face masks, for example.[298][299 ] - an own detection of a neutron star collision with a black hole is reported, a second given event followed ten days later. Can be used with higher human satisfaction and more low energy requirements, while current forms of economic growth are about the opposite. The authors believe that the modern economic system is structurally inconsistent with the goals of sustainable development and that at the moment no state has the ability to provide a high class of life with sustainable levels of energy and resource use. They analyze the factors of social welfare and assess that the improvement of useful factors of provision and infrastructure will ensure sustainable forms of adequate satisfaction of demand. Products made from direct air capture are far superior to the agricultural cultivation of major crops in the context of land use. The star, named ztf j1901 1458, has a diameter of only 4300 km, but one.35 times the mass of our sun. The time of the eruption up to thirteen 006 years ago with an error of only 9 years and demonstrates that the beginning of the younger dryas occurred synchronously in absolutely the entire region of the north atlantic and central europe. The results explicitly rule out the laacher see eruption hypothesis as the cause of the younger dryas (from a gap of 200 ± 21 years), giving more weight to the younger dryas impact hypothesis.[311] - 1 july - the construction of the square kilometers array begins, the first light is scheduled for 2027.[312] - in the course of the debate about the cognitive impact of smartphones and internet technologies, in our opinion, scientific evidence does not prove that these technologies harm biological cognitive abilities, but only change the prevailing ways of knowing, such as reducing the need to memorize facts or do mathematical calculations with pen and paper are beyond the boundaries of modern schools. However, some activities, one of which is reading novels, that require long-term focus, attention, and do not yet provide constant beneficial stimulation, may be more difficult under state regulations and laws. 2000 and 2019 - ~5 million annually - are extreme temperatures, with cold-related being huge and shortening, and heat-related being ~0.91% and increasing.[315][316]- the first scientific review in the timely academic literature on global plastic pollution generally demonstrates that the rational response to the "global threat" would be to "reduce the consumption of virgin plastic materials along with globally coordinated waste management strategies" - this could be a ban on the export of plastic waste, if the move does not improve recycling, and describes the status of information about "poorly reversible" consequences. Owns three types of plastic.[319][320]- scientists identify gpr75 variants as anti-obesity alleles in approximately 640,000 sequenced exomes.[321][322]- scientists report discovery bone carving, one of the oldest works of art in the world, created by neanderthals some 51,000 years ago.[323][324]– a scientific review summarizes evidence from nutrition research for diets to prevent atherosclerosis.[325] [326] - preprint shows that sars-cov-2 delta variant causes ~108% or more than a couple of times higher risk of hospitalization, ~234% increase in icu admissions, and 132% death compared to any without volatile organic compounds. .[327][328]- researchers present a programmable quantum simulator capable of handling 256 qubits.[329][330] - July 10 - scientists publish notes in a preprint about the discovery of long, extrachromosomal dna structures they call the borg, which likely contain the genes of the organisms they encounter. These structures, which may be an unknown form of giant viruses or "giant linear plasmids",[334][333] are found together with archaeon species that may contain them, share many genes, the main chromosome of which is only four times as large, and whose the ability to anaerobically oxidize methane, and in addition to other biological functions, such as protein synthesis, the borg can increase. Preprint that the viral load in one positive test of sars-cov-2 delta infections was approximately $1,000 times higher than in comparable infections during 2020. Report finding the earliest known fossil life on earth in the manner of "putative filamentous microfossils", possibly methanogens and/or methanotrophs, that lived about 3.42 billion years in the "paleo-submarine barberton hydrothermal vein system". Greenstone belt in south africa."[339][340]- astronomers write about the discovery of an isotope in the air of an exoplanet. Specifically, the carbon-13 (13c) isotope was produced in the air of a gas giant exoplanet called tyc 8998-760- 1 b.[341][342] - researchers used a brain-computer interface to enable a man who has been paralyzed since 2003 to speak intelligible words and sentences by deciphering signals from electrodes in speech areas of his brain. Into a carbon source (see above).][350]- japan has set a new world record for internet speeds remotely ~3 thousand kilometers: 319 tbps, beating the previous record of 178 tbps.[351] [352]- only the conclusions of a study of one and a half to 7% of the "regions" [to be clarified] of the modern human genome, in order to remain specific to modern humans. These regions were not altered by archaic hominin dna at the expense of components and are not yet considered common with neanderthals or denisovans, according to the them to genomic datasets. Among other things, they found two bursts of changes characteristic of the genomes of a busy person, which contain genes associated with the development and operation of the brain. During the early neolithic in east asia, with results consistent with just one origin of domestication.Market-based products and services, and existing alternatives to basic food, recreation and furnishings, and conclude that sweden's total greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by up to 36-38% to date if consumers - without losing total estimated costs or self-interest considerations - instead, they had to get those that they could rate as more stable. Problems for urban teenagers aged 15-16.[360][361]- scientists report that feral pigs cause soil disturbance as, among other annoyances, leads to global annual carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to emissions of ~ 1.1 million passengers. Car, implying that the meat of wild pigs, unlike other meat products, has a beneficial effect on the environment around.[362][363] - July 20th. The origin of the phosphine concentrations on venus reported in september 2020 - high rates of active plume volcanism - is possibly plausible. An increase of ~9 and processed meat (~18%) are possibly risk factors for coronary heart disease. Among teenagers has increased significantly, and that loneliness in today's educational institutions seems to be associated with access to smartphones and use of the internet.[369][370]- July 22 atacama large millimeter/submillimeter array (alma), report their own clear detection of a moon-forming disk around an exoplanet; in this case, the jupiter-like planet pds 70c.[372][373]deepmind announces that its alphafold ai has predicted the structure of over 350,000 proteins, including 98.5% of the approximately 20,000 proteins in the human body. The 3d data, together with a degree of assurance of their accuracy, is freely available in this knowledge base, increasing the amount of protein tissues previously freely available.[358]the galileo project, led by avi loeb, is launched. The project aims to collect and communicate scientific evidence of the existence of aliens or extraterrestrial technology, such as ufos/uvs of alien origin, on or near the earth using telescopes. Created the first complete 3d neuron-eliminated map of the monkey brain, which they scanned over the course of 100 hours. Rate rather than rate of global warming, and makes predictions. A black hole is reported, further supporting einstein's general theory of relativity. >- in an update to the world scientists' warning to humanity, scientists report that evidence is accumulating that critical elements of the earth system are approaching or crossing tipping points, that 18 out of 31 planetary vital signs have reached record levels, that 1990 jurisdictions have officially recognized a climate emergency, that frequent and low updates on fire that covid-19 "green recovery" was not enough and root cause system changes are needed, not policy. A converter that is twice as effective as similar existing experimental technologies, which is usually an important step towards practical viability of use [393][394]- scientists describe the molecular mechanisms by which the olfactory systems of insects become sensitive enough to recognize detect and distinguish a bunch of molecules with the smallest sense of smell. Ptors.[395][396]- new observations of the m-type star l 98-59 and its surrounding system revealed 3 newest bodies: a planet in the habitable zone, an oceanic universe and a planet. With half the mass of venus, making it the most intimate exoplanet ever measured using the radial velocity method. Amoc) and finds early warning signals in eight independent amoc indexes. Scientists claim that a possible sudden[399] irreversible collapse from the current strong regime to a weak one would have a serious impact on the earth's structure and global climate.[400][401] the ipcc sixth report assesses “medium assurance of the fact that there will be no significant collapse by 2100. Which summarizes the state of the physical science of climate increase, contains more than 14,000 data and concludes that the effects of anthropogenic forcing in the current realities are "widespread, well and increasing". Prove that transplantation of fecal microbiota from young donor mice to archival recipient mice significantly rejuvenates the brains of the latter,[407][408] complementing similar results from a 2020 study.[409] long-term effects of covid-19, including in common cases of long-term covid.It describes potential mitigations and exclusions such as user-driven mesh networks, connected peer-to-peer applications and the latest protocols, and the robustness of the existing internet infrastructure.[412][413][414]- a study based on similar to osiris-rex, came to the conclusion that the probability of encountering the asteroid (101955) bennu by the year 2300 reaches 1:1750, and the highest chance of a collision occurs in 2182.[415][416] - a small analysis suggests that persistent blood clotting causes prolonged covid.[417][418]- scientists have decided that individual carbon credits can be a component of climate change mitigation. They noticed that the recovery of the economy after covid-19 and the original capabilities of cell phones and players open a window of opportunity for the first implementations of such monetary back contact and lowering the level of default emission certificates.[425][426][427] - researchers assess regionally differentiated factors and risks associated with global pollinator decline, informing globally relevant policy responses. A platform that ai models with 120 trillion features can run, allowing neural networks to be anchored with a larger assortment of synapses than the equivalent number of synapses in the human brain. Cellular fibers.[440][441]- comprehensive esc 2021 guidelines for cardiovascular disease prevention published.[448][449] the 2021 esc guidelines for the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic heart failure were published on august 27. Pfizer-biontech vaccine against covid-19 after six months. After a less successful first attempt. That could be relevant for seasonal mitigation and adaptation. Astronomers report that a neutron star is crashing into the core of a companion star, relying on studies of an extremely bright source of radio waves called vt 1210 4956.[462] [463][464]- astronomers report finding unusual radio waves near the galactic center, whose unknown source must represent a new class of astronomical objects.[465][466][467]- study finds that air pollution one way or another is associated with a serious increase in mortality "also at sub-zero levels of pollution below current european and north american standards and who normative values." On september 22, for the first time since 2005, the who, after a systematic review of accumulated data, adjusted its recommendations on various air characteristics that should save millions of lives, protect against future diseases and achieve climate goals. 471]- bioengineers report development of viable crispr-cas gene editing system, "casmini", which is about twice as compact as the widely used cas9 and cas12a.[472][473]- researchers report that autoantibodies against own ace2 enzymes (major attachment point receptors for covid-19), [474][475] autoimmune disease is (a major cause of prolonged covid.[476][477][478] earlier studies suggested that compounding understands an unusual pattern of damage covid-19 and north america - including a cold wave in north america in late winter 2021 - through the observed and simulated disruption of the stratospheric polar vortex to reverse atherosclerosis, the process responsible for heart attacks and strokes, in mice and also in on a global scale to limit global warming to 1.5°c by 50% by 2050. Two decades could have been caused by climate change. To diversify global warming. It used to be thought at some point the earliest known drawing, made about 73,000 years ago. The children probably intentionally put their hands and feet in the mud. The findings may also be the first evidence of the existence of hominins at the top of more than 4 thousand meters above sea level. High tibetan plateau.[489][490][491]- 43 expert scientists publish the first version of a scientific framework that, through integration, review, clarification and standardization, assesses the levels of protection of marine protected areas and can become a guide for restoration, planning and quality control and marine safeguards levels, such as efforts to achieve the 30% protection target of the global environment deal [492] and un sdg 14.[493][494]- cdc reports, that despite the prevalence of the delta variant, people vaccinated against covid-19 are approximately 11 times less likely to die from covid-19 (age-standardized rates 1.6 versus 0.1 and 1.1 versus 0.1 100% deaths per week in the states), demonstrating the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing serious illness.[495][496] - September 13th.Restriction (dr) - typically intermittent fasting and caloric restriction - produces many of the same beneficial changes in adult visitors as it does in the organisms studied, potentially increasing health and longevity. The review, published september 22, is an overview of dr as an intervention and may develop the basis for the proposed field of "precision nutrigerology". A study published sept. 29 identifies circadian-regulated autophagy as a critical factor in intermittent fasting-mediated longevity in drosophila and suggests that only certain forms and/or combinations with intermittent fasting are intervals during which no food is found, but only, for example. Liquid and tea/coffee taken by mouth[501] - may be effective in addition to benefiting from a healthy body weight.[502][503] - september 15 - physicists report candidate dark energy particles produced by the sun, corrected for local environment "chameleon particles" in the xenon1t dark matter detector experiment. Climate change exacerbated the 2019-2020 australian bushfires, which caused the deposition of wildfire aerosols into the sea, increasing the productivity of the marine environment and increasingly increasing the absorption of carbon dioxide by the ocean. A study using satellite data complements these findings by limiting fire co2 emissions from november 2019 to january 2020 to around 715 million tonnes were invented by two biotech companies still awaiting regulatory approval for very short-lived commercialization such products for which discoveries and developments of several companies have received significant funding, may include the same or unnecessarily similar effects, characteristics, and flavor profiles that are fresh ingredients, but require less water, produce less carbon emissions, require less labor [need additional addresses, and never cause deforestation.[511]- scientists harmful algal blooms, which can be linked to deforestation, global warming and soil erosion, are reported to be spreading in lakes and rivers around the planet. They add that such poisonous algal blooms were a feature of previous mass extinction events, namely the end-permian extinction event. The closest related virus known to date, with a 96.8% similarity to sars-cov-2 in wild horseshoe bat samples in northern laos - 0.7% more similar than the ratg13 virus found in that country in 2013. Their results prove that as of 2021, viruses like sars-cov-2 potentially contagious to health are circulating among bats in the indochina peninsula, and that a pandemic virus may not originate in wuhan. Other scientists add to these findings, reporting in a preprint published sept. 20 that they could not find any viruses associated with sars-cov-2 in any samples collected in china, even in the only two local caves where ratg13 and rmyn02 were detected, which describes how such viruses may not currently be circulating in bats in the country. The time of the last ice age.[522][523]- researchers testify to their own artificial synthesis of starch on earth. The material required for all foods and the most popular carbohydrate in the human diet has been derived from co2 in a cell-free process, and is able to reduce the use of land, pesticides and water, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, while improving food security. - When accepting the order of two studies to evaluate the effectiveness and study of primary sources on the audit of technologies, the european commission proposes to introduce standardization - for usb-c versions - of earphones for phones, which is able to increase device compatibility, convergence and convenience for consumers. While reducing the need for resources, redundancy and automatic waste.[526][527][528] - September 24th. And food insecurity - greenhouse gas emissions only until 2100, as the scheme is widely practiced in research and policy development, is short-sighted and models climate scenarios until 2500.[529][530] rising sun t the first food edited with crispr went on the public sale. Crispr was first applied to tomatoes in 2014.[533]— biomedical researchers demonstrate an approach written in yamanaka's switch factor reprogramming to regenerate a damaged heart without tumor formation in mice.[534][535] landsat 9, named the most valuable companion in the world, launched by nasa to study the soil along with her surroundings.The levels in the sky of venus are capable of receiving opportunities to support terrestrial phototrophy, such as photosynthesis. Influenza virus lineage b b/yamagata.[542][543]- pathogen researchers write about developing machine learning models for genome-based early detection and prioritization of potential high-risk zoonotic viruses in animals before popularity per human. . They agreed that their tool could be made for virus surveillance to prevent a pandemic with (even) “early investigation and outbreak preparedness safeguards” measures, and would be able to predict sars-cov-2 as a strain with impeccable risk. 545] - October 1 - a company conducting a preliminary small (~380 patients × 2) clinical trial started a year ago[546] reports that molnupiravir significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization ( from seven, three to fourteen percent, 1%) and deaths (from 8 to 0) from covid-19. How heat, cold, and touch can trigger signals in the nervous system. Field citation streams are disproportionately consolidated by citing already excellently cited papers, perhaps slowly the 2021 nobel prize in physics is awarded to shukuro manabe, klaus hasselmann and giorgio parisi for their climate change procedures as a result of humanity's role. [552]- the 2021 nobel prize in chemistry has been awarded to benjamin list and david w.K. Mcmillan for their work in developing a molecular design tool that will be useful for drug research and reducing the impact of inorganic substances on the environment.[553]- the world health organization approves the first malaria vaccine.[ 554]- a study of the data traffic of popular smartphones running all sorts of android variants found significant default data collection and sharing without fail and implications for user privacy, regulation, and security.[555][556]. ]- After completing 17 studies, the microns[557] consortium of researchers completed the first phase of a long-term project (biccn) to prepare an atlas of the entire mouse (mammalian) brain, producing an atlas and census of the types of structures in the initial motor cortex. Characteristics, traces of trachilos. Estimated to be there up to 6.05 ma, which roughly corresponds to the time of orrorin, a previously suspected species of homininae[565], until these footprints were dated in 2017[566], despite the fact that the images were found outside africa in crete. Greece. However, the listed monkeys are not always related to human evolution.[567][568][569]- a pilot project of the "world's first automated train without a driver" was launched in hamburg, germany. Conventional non-subway train technology is theoretically possible for rail transport around the world, and 1xbet is also reported to be much more energy efficient. About the environmental damage simulated by an imminent oil spill in the red adriatic sea with fso safer. [580]- a comprehensive study by scientists for the future concludes that nuclear fission energy cannot significantly contribute to climate change mitigation because it is extremely dangerous, too expensive, and very is slowly unfolding" and "socio-ecological transformation is hindering achievement." Which occurred 172555, based on the analysis of the concentration of blue fuel and atmospheric pollution.[588][589]- scientists report that, according to their analysis, today's domestic horses develop from the lower volga-don region of russia. 273 ancient horse genomes also indicate that such populations have replaced many local populations, as these projections quickly spread throughout eurasia about 4200 years ago, that certain of them were acquired by highly selected riding riding and what a useful thing equestrian material culture, including sintashta spoked chariots and in the case of asian indo-iranian languages, are common together. -90.[592][593]- medical researchers announce that on september 25, the first successful xenotransplantation of a genetically modified porcine kidney, along with a porcine thymus gland, so that the immune system recognizes it as a tail, was formalized on september 25, to a candidate with a dead brain without overt signs of rejection, bringing the practice closer to clinical trials on real people. Long-term brain damage, in particular then "long-term covid", through the death of endothelial cells that violate the blood-brain barrier.[596][597]- researchers describe and substantiate the hypothesis that the amount of the brain "in the last 3000 years" (not so long ago, experts believed that such a moment came over the last ~ 28000 years externalization of diverse knowledge and group decision-making, partly through social systems of distributed cognition or information sharing.][599] a study by villmoare et al. Specific enough to test the hypothesis at different times and in different populations.” Of the covid-19 pandemic, reducing infection rates by 93.5 percent and 98.1% in a simulation based on tracking common modern types of public cars in the city center .[602][603] - astronomers report two studies prove that "blc1" does not appear to be considered a technosignature or extraterrestrial radio transmission because 15 such observations were made between 2019 and 2020, which did not fully occur around proxima centauri - and naturally, the likely results of forms of local radio frequency interference - and propose a sequence of "verification checks of technosignature narrowband signals". A third study showed that zuchongzhi 2.1 achieved the task of classically modeling a sample of random circuits, which is "about 6 orders of magnitude more difficult than sycamore."[610] - 27 october - astronomers propose a "life detection confidence" (cold) scale for reporting evidence of life beyond earth. : Two planets (hd 3167 c; hd 3167 d) orbit the star's poles, while the third planet (hd 3167 b) instead orbits the star's equator. In particular, for polycentric management policies to permanently stop and prevent deforestation based on data on already implemented policies developed by the government, redd initiatives adopted by the un, and voluntary private sector initiatives regarding recent incarnations of forest harvesting. 616]- the world's first urban autonomy vessels "roboats" are widely used in the canals of amsterdam, the netherlands. The ships, designed by the three institutions, are capable of carrying about 5 people, collecting waste, delivering products, and providing "infrastructure on demand". Water collection devices that enter the planning stage, along with design criteria, found that films could help a billion people get their way to safe drinking water, although such stand-alone production can sometimes "undermine the personal growth efforts of a permanent plumbing infrastructure." 620][621]- in an open letter, almost 300 scientists are asking the wto to remove growing subsidies for harmful fishing.[622][623]- a year later, india and south africa called on the wto to temporarily patents on trips vaccines to accelerate the introduction of vaccines against covid-19 worldwide, according to current information, the wto will not be able to find consent for this.[624] mechanisms for alternative incentive schemes for medical research and development[625] or industrial details of the proposed "split" upon learning a certain amount of profits[626] have not been reported, and some believe that the focus on replacing copyright rights is on industrial ones. Barrier to capacity expansion.[625]- scientists have calculated that 20,000 metric tons of microplastics can be stored in coral skeletons around the world each year, marking the first time that a living microplastic "shell" or site has been quantified. Long term storage. .[627][628] - November 1 - astronomers report the discovery, in the first "original" process based on sam instruments, of organic molecules, in particular benzoic acid, ammonia and others related unknowns of the complex on the planet mars using the curiosity rover. And consumption in the 19 g20 countries (not counting the eu, however, is not against the rules and laws) annually causes two million premature deaths, which helps to suggest that the average lifetime consumption of about 28 users in asian countries causes at least one premature death ( mean age ~ 67 years). The moment that developing countries "should not expect" to implement or be able to implement countermeasures without external intervention or internationally coordinated efforts. This is indeed a remote discovery of a necessary element for existence in a galaxy with symbolic star formation. . The test results showed one "non-compliance" for 2019, low inhibition values in the current year and 152 positive samples (40%) in 2021.[637] a preprint published on november 1 found that ~80% of specimens between late november of the beginning year and january were positive. Such side effects create reservoirs for mutating possibilities that people remember - a possible source of worrying variants beyond immunocompromised comrades. Usa the day before for tomboys and princesses 5-more than ten years old) cdc[640] - in particular about population level factors. A review of astronomy and astrophysics for the 2020s recommended scientific priorities and investments for the next decade to achieve the following main goals: the search for habitable exoplanets and extraterrestrial life, the study of black holes and neutron stars, and the study of the growth and evolution of galaxies. [642][643]- the study contributes to elucidating the current geopolitical and economic implications and incentives for the rapid achievement of renewable energy, suggesting specifically that the rate of decline in fossil energy markets in the first stage is determined by major energy importers china, india, japan and europe, and what transition dynamics could reverse the free rider problem in the case of energy sectors, especially from strategic national positions that are not short. -Term.[644][645]- researchers demonstrate a new x-ray imaging modality, "hip-ct", for cellular resolution 3d scanning of whole organs using ebf esrf. The published online atlas of human organs includes the lungs of a donor who died of covid-19. Galactic center, such as a strong magnetic field.[653][654]- scientists report finding coronaviruses closely related to sars-cov-2 (92.6% nucleotide identity) in two bats sampled in cambodia in 2010[ 655][656][657], supplementing, incl. Study published september 17.- Astronomers using a large enough telescope report the discovery of a black hole at ngc 1850, observing its effect on the motion of a star on the very shore, the first direct dynamic detection of a black hole in a young massive cluster. [660][661]- the university announced the first simulation of baryons on a quantum computer in the life of human society. A filament of cold dense gas connecting the two spiral arms of the milky way, the first known observation of such a galactic structure in the milky way. Containing moving molecules that induce cellular signaling and mimic the matrix around cells in mice. The november 3 review assesses the potential of tidal energy in the uk's energy systems and finds that, according to their considerations, including an economic analysis of inputs and benefits, it is able to provide 34 twh per annum, or 11% of demand, in energy.[669 ][670 ]- study reports a second case of a man whose immune system apparently cleared hiv on its own without treatment.[673][674]- biochemists report some of the[ to be clarified ] the first supercomputational approaches to develop new antibiotic derivatives against antimicrobial resistance.[675][676]- scientists report a huge number of cases of alternative splicing - cases of using one gene (template) to form instructions (mrna) for successful various proteins in mouse and human gray matter cortex and transcriptome release in a public database.[677][678]- a tech company unveils a new 127-bit quantum processor called ibm eagle, which is the most powerful quantum processor ever created.[679][680] - November 17th. A systematic review and meta-analysis proves that wearing masks reduces the incidence of covid-19 by 53%.[682][683]- the first start-up company, founded by scientists and funded by darpa, announces the release of a quantum computer, for 256 qubits. The complete genomes of the 200,000 uk biobank contributors associated with anonymous medical information have become more accessible to biomedical research than previous, less complete datasets. Creation of a planetary defense policy aimed at preventing direct contamination of extraterrestrial bodies, as well as reverse contamination. , Contributing to the rapid development of erythema (itchy redness) at the site of the bite, protects guinea pigs from lyme disease from ticks. Norway. An all-electric vessel is expected to markedly reduce the need for truck travel. (13,235 km2) since 2006. Information on ~30,000 patients indicates for the first time that aspirin is associated with an increased (26%) risk of heart failure in individuals with at least one cardiovascular risk factor. The author notes that the results require confirmation and wishes for contact with heart failure.[700] - December 1 - scientists discover a trace of an ancient hominid that lived near lucy. .[710][711]- researchers are developing a power grid model for 100% renewable energy, studying the feasibility and sustainability of the us internet.[712][713]- dna data storage method announced that one hundred times higher density than previous methods.[714]- type 1 diabetes treatment announced in the form of stem cells.[715][716]- scientists demonstrate what and how the flavonoid procyanidin c1 antioxidant grape seed extract improves the health and longevity of mice, and in addition increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy in mice. Products and catalogues.[725][726] - December 7 - study shows that when two people wear surgical masks and a contagious one speaks, the risk of contracting covid-19 is 1 .5 m stays below 30% after an hour, in case both wear a suitable ffp2 mask, he calculates 0.4%. Being the cause of a third (31%) of such atmospheric pollution in settlements as diesel and oil in the kit or gasoline, and even more so on winter days, is the basis for almost half of the risk of pah cancer. 728][729]- the study suggests that mutations that allow breakthrough infections or antibody resistance are the new mechanism for successful viral evolution of sars-cov-2 and what a useful thing they could become the dominant mechanism for its evolution.[ 730 ] a december 27 preprint found that the rapid spread of omicron vocs in the first place is easily explained by immune evasion, but not by an inherent increase in baseline infectiousness.” Studies have also shown that the variant avoids most of the existing neutralizing antibodies to sars-cov-2, in particular the sera of vaccinated and convalescent individuals. Telemedicine data. Its results demonstrate that using the services principle, the results of such use of ict are also good, as with direct care, but the use of medical services is similar. For cancers reported between 2010 and 2012, it was easier to run only 50 replicates from 23 articles, while the effect sizes for this proportion were on average 85% smaller than the original results. In none of the posts is the science media center.” Retrieved 1 june 4, 2021 ^ rahimi, kazem; bidel, zeinab; nazarzadeh, milad; and others. (May 1, 2021). "Pharmacological blood pressure lowering for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease at various blood pressure levels: a meta-analysis of data at the individual participant level". Lancet. 397 (10285): 1625-1636. Doi: 10.1016/s0140-6736(21)00590-0. Issn 0140-6736. Pmc 8102467. Pmid 33933205.^ "Elderly people 105 and older live longer because how do they have more efficient dna repair?". Electronic life. 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