Attention to All Members
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RE: Attention to All Members
Just read through this whole The people involved really did not do them any favours by  expressing their views in the way that they did sometimes. Immature or aggressive posts really do not get you anywhere.

However one post that I did see does highlight perhaps something:

Quote:You have obviously never worked at a company or on a project that has to at least abide to some sort of guided deadlines and has a release schedule. If you did, you would understand.

And FYI, "fixed" doesn't have two x's in it. Learn how to spell, thanks!

This was written by Ryan Gordon and I personally feel it is very unprofessional. However trollish posters get I always think staff should never lower themselves to the same standard, something enforced on my own team. The above post is aggressive and I think if we are all honest the last comment is intended as an insult.

For someone high up in a well known community such as MyBB I would expect a much more professional manner, regardless of previous posts etc. If you are in a certain role a certain level of conduct is usually expected. If Ryan is making similar comments elsewhere then I can understand people getting upset.

In the end I always feel the best way to work is:

Take in advice / criticism and give it due consideration.
Make an honest reply (I hate people who lie and say they agree when they don't).
Your reply should not be intentionally insulting or belittling. Yes you may need to be firm but you can achieve this by being polite and professional as well.

Meh, maybe I'm living in a dream world but my forum is functioning pretty well with this approach Smile

EDIT: Just noticed the last posting date - apologies for the Threadomancy if it is against rules?
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