Help with Syntax highlighting for Code Boxes
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Help with Syntax highlighting for Code Boxes
A friend of mine installed a MyBB Ver 1.8 forum last week. He's running a coders forum. The insert code feature is often used, and works great. Once the post is made, visitors interested in trying that code need to highlight and select it to paste it into IDE. Since many code posts are hundreds of lines long, we are trying to find is a plugin for v1.8, or a method that currently works with v1.8, to select all (highlight only the code in the code box) and, if a plugin is available, possibly some help with installing it. Learning to work with forum software is completely new to both of us, but it's coming along with over 100 members and 1000+ post to date.


EDIT: Found a work-around. A way to Select All or to copy code to clipboard. Both are not ID dependent.
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