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Simple plugin which sticks a Custom CSS textbox under UserCP -> Options.
Users can enter their own custom CSS there (somewhat as an alternative to the Stylish Firefox extension).

Note that this isn't applied specifically to themes - that is, the CSS stays the same regardless of the theme selected by the user.
Also note that it is possible for users to break the page layout/display for their account by messing up their CSS - a counter-measure to this is supplied however.

A hidden feature not mentioned in the plugin anywhere is the ability to apply specific rules to pages, for example:

/*@- showthread.php */
/*@- forumdisplay.php, index.php */

Note that these "conditionals" cannot be nested.

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Download: usercss.php (3.1 KB)
Plugin Version: 1.1
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RE: User CSS
That option is unavailable.

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