WYSIWYG BBCode Editor for MyBB
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WYSIWYG BBCode Editor for MyBB
Well, it seems that we have a WYSIWYG BBCode editor now:

07-14-2012 04:33 AM
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RE: WYSIWYG BBCode Editor for MyBB
Looks better than all the previous ones I've seen.
My criticisms:
  • The state of buttons don't toggle - eg if you bold text, the bold button doesn't toggle.  Similarly, you can't see the current font/colour etc
  • Colour gamut is a bit limited - there isn't even black available...  Needs a wider range of colours, but don't need all the shades that they have.
  • Menus can't be collapsed by clicking on the button again - in fact, it seems you have to either make a selection, or double-click outside to cause them to close
  • The plugin parses [li] [ol] etc tags, but this seems like a hack to get them to work...  Ideally it should just follow standard MyBB list code
  • If you click the code or quote button without any text selected, your cursor jumps to the end of the box.  This is different to other formatting behaviours, eg bold, where the cursor is in the middle, or using bbcode mode
  • You can't stick in a "quoted by" line when you use the quote tag, although you can switch modes, add it in, and it will work fine (minus the "wrote" text) in WYSIWYG mode; though you can still get it to be a little whacky, eg if you try putting in newlines in the 'quoted by line' in WYSIWYG mode
  • Clicking to add an URL - the description field is useless if you already have text selected
  • Like the list code, ideally the plugin should use stock MyBB video tag
  • I would prefer it not to add sub/sup tags, as MyBB doesn't have them standard, but oh well.  It would be preferrable if the editor buttons was somewhat more configurable
  • In Firefox (7?) I'm currently on, if I toggle from WYSIWYG to code then back, I can't edit the field.  Maybe newer versions of Firefox doesn't have this issue.  Seems that Opera 12 is fine.
  • You can type in bbcode in WYSIWYG mode and it'll interpret it as code, but not display it.  Ideally it shouldn't do this, but I guess there isn't always an easy workaround
  • Copy/pasting a table into the editor retains the table, but obviously generates no bbcode for it; probably no easy fix (if one exists at all), but something I decided to point out

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