Am I the wrong one here?
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RE: Am I the wrong one here?
I don't terribly think that's too viable a reason.  Most open source programs I use, I don't care at all about the community.
The people who care are the ones engaged with the community (typically those seeking help).  This is perhaps only a small proportion of users, although many of these aren't really that suited to judging others.

Granted, the community could certainly use some improvement however.

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08-20-2010 09:02 AM
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RE: Am I the wrong one here?
I saw that post myself a while ago and thought is was a bit off.

I do think the staff's comments on MyBB are too curt sometimes. 99% of the time you can put your point across without being rude, and I think sometimes people forget that its not someone's fault they don't know things sometimes.

Personally I always feel it is important to listen to feedback and also admit when you have made an error. If you can't admit it then you can't learn from it. I have also generally found people respect someone who can accept and learn from criticism rather than ignore it.

EDIT: I should mention that I have got some great help from so it is not all bad, MattR in particular has always been very helpful to me.
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