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This is a fairly simple pre-parser modification which should speed up one of MyBB's slowest functions.
Basically, MyBB's MyCode parser is rather slow; this plugin speeds this component up by caching the result so that the parser does not have to be run on every single page request (this is assuming that SHA1 hashing + a single query with some string manipulation is faster than running the parser 20+ times).

This plugin is compatible with all supported DB engines (SQLite in MyBB 1.6.0 is bugged, so cannot be tested).

Compatibility with other plugins
Due to the fact that this modification changes the environment under which the parser is run, I cannot guarantee that this will work with all MyCode/HTML or parser related plugins, especially those that may display posts differently to different users (on the other hand, this actually may have the potential to remove some of the issues in some poorly coded modifications).  Custom MyCodes should still work, and there is a workaround for the vB Quote plugin.
This will not work with the HTML in Posts plugin.

About design
The design of this is much simpler than my mod for MyBB 1.2, and as such, is nowhere near as aggressive, however, it's something I (originally!) banged up together in about an hour, and gets most of the benefits anyway.  It differs from both my 1.2 mod, and Ryan Gordon's 1.4 mod in that it operates at a parser level instead of at the showthread/postbit level.

The plugin only does posts and signatures on showthread.php, but it can be quite easily modified for other places, as it operates on a parser level.  Again, this was something I wrote fairly quickly, and could use a number of improvements in some areas.
The cache is periodically cleaned via a cleanup task.

Note that this plugin also provides a way to manually clear the cache, under the Recount & Rebuild section of the AdminCP, should you ever have the need to do so.

Known Issues
  • Attachments embedded with the [attachment=id] code may not have their download count updated
  • A very minor one - it's possible to cause this plugin to display removed attachments embedded in the post (will be a dead link though).  Standard MyBB behavior will simply ignore the [attachment=id] code.  This will do the same if the post is updated in any way.
  • For MyBB 1.8, quote times will be forced to use absolute time (instead of relative).  For earlier versions, there is no change to the timestamp displayed, however the "Today" and "Yesterday" text will never get updated (until a cache clear), so this can be inaccurate if this occurs

Simple Benchmark
Just a simple benchmark I performed to get an idea of the speed gains of this plugin.  I'm benchmarking this page, with and without the plugin.  I guess the page is somewhat a good candidate for this plugin, although I didn't exactly cherry pick it on purpose.

Times were recorded by just using the time metric at the bottom of the page.  Note that the plugin does a number of things after the timer has completed, so I've also made a comparison after modifying MyBB's timer to more accurately measure the time (if you don't perform this modification, the preparser mod should pretty much always make your showthread pages seem to run faster).
Pages were loaded 3 times.

Standard behaviour: 0.2359838s, 0.2380810s, 0.2462718s
Standard behaviour, after editing timer: 0.2320759s, 0.2335730s, 0.2380040s
With preparser (with timer edit): 0.1327140s, 0.1319780s, 0.1258268s
With preparser (without timer edit (inaccurate)): 0.1291881s, 0.1186280s, 0.1211529s

Initial load with preparser, timer edit: 0.2454121s (this is the page load which caches everything - it'll be slower than normal page loads, but subsequent requests will be much faster)

1.0 benchmarks:
Standard behaviour: 0.2242870s, 0.2201211s, 0.2377510s
Standard behaviour, after editing timer: 0.2399340s, 0.2398720s, 0.2158720s
With preparser (with timer edit): 0.1303909s, 0.1500199s, 0.1303349s
With preparser (without timer edit (inaccurate)): 0.1157429s, 0.1143448s, 0.1083250s
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Download: preparser-1.13.7z (4.52 KB)
Plugin Version: 1.13
Last Updated: 04-02-2017, 10:23 PM

Downloads: 1,544
MyBB Compatibility: 1.4.x, 1.6.x, 1.8.x
Plugin License: WTFPLv2
Uploader: ZiNgA BuRgA
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RE: Preparser Cache
zinga burga,

I think there's a bug when using this with php 7.0, although nothing was being logged in my error log file.

while migrating my site to a different host where I have php 7 installed on it versus php 5.5, when I tried to view the contents of a thread, everything inside the posts were blank.  strangely enough, when you went to edit the post, all of the contents were there.  I tried dumping the data from the mybb_parser_cache table, but it didn't do anything different.

the only thing that resolved the issue was deactivating the plugin for now.

any ideas?
09-21-2016 04:40 PM
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RE: Preparser Cache
Thanks for the report.

Updated to v1.13:
- PHP 7 compatibility fix
- added workaround for relative time issue reported by Leefish; the quote timestamp is now forced to use absolute time on MyBB 1.8 instead of relative time

My Blog
04-02-2017 10:25 PM
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RE: Preparser Cache
Great and useful plugin! Only one issue - doesnt work well with MentionMe plugin from Wildcard Frown but it seems to be a known issue
08-20-2018 05:04 AM
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RE: Preparser Cache
I been using this plugin for almost 3 years now with no issues!
Only one issue has arrived recently, this plugin doesn't work with DVZ CODE TAGS plugin.
Is there someway or somehow to fix the conflict of both plugins enabled at the same time?
Problem solved, author of DVZ CODE TAGS plugin has helped me solve the issue.
(This post was last modified: 04-27-2019 07:08 AM by CanadaCommunity.)
04-27-2019 06:14 AM
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