What Firefox Extensions do you use?
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What Firefox Extensions do you use?
Practically every tech related forum has such a thread, so we must have one too.

Anyway, me:
  • Adblock Plus - for obvious reasons
  • BlockSite (disabled) - used to block Google Analytics, now I just null route the domain (hosts file)
  • Firebug - handy thing most web developers have
  • Firecookie - I wanted some tool to manipulate cookies - this advertises that it does it, but doesn't seem to work that well :/
  • FoxyProxy - quickly change proxies
  • ImgLikeOpera - improves Firefox with images disabled
  • RefControl - bypassing hotlink protection on some sites
  • RefreshBlocker - cause I find META refreshes annoying
  • Resizeable Textarea - cause I'm not using Firefox 4.0 yet
  • Session Manager - for when Firefox crashes, or just that I like having 30 tabs open, so reloading Firefox doesn't reload all tabs
  • Tab Mix Plus - very handy, multiple tab rows, plus highlight unviewed tabs
  • User Agent Switcher - masquerade as Googlebot to bypass sites which only allow Google to see content

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12-07-2010 09:14 PM
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