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I installed the plugin but can not find the page for the setting .
It's where all the other settings are.
there aren't. something has gone wrong in the installation?
Well it sucks to be you.
I was looking for help, why this answer?
If the settings are missing then you can simply re-install the plugin, I doubt it will cause any issues for you considering you have not even configured the plugin.
I've uninstalled, deleted all the files, and reinstalled again.
my forum is in Italian, so I copied the files in the directory languages-english in languages-Italian, but I have not solved.
(11-26-2012 02:25 AM)Clientiesperti Wrote: [ -> ]I was looking for help, why this answer?
Why not the answer?  It works for me, doesn't for you.
All I can say is that it sucks to be you.

I might add: can you see the Spamalyser Logs section?  Does the plugin appear to do anything?  Have you tested this on a clean install of MyBB?
I solved it. I uninstalled spamalyser, disabled all plugins, reactivated spamalyser  and only after other plugins.

Spamalyser works well and has already blocked all spam.
Thank you, greetings from Italy
Interesting - do you know what other plugin caused the conflict?
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