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Full Version: how to hide the cutomthread filed languages in the responsive theme ?
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i have an issue with the custom thread filed languages...

i want to hide them in mobile view in a responsive theme... using media queries

PHP Code:
@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
  coustomthreadfiled {
    display: none;

here is an example of what i am trying to say....
[Image: 108510920-22b07900-72e5-11eb-9406-6a18fe319bf7.jpg]

the fields appeard in red boxes should be disappeared in responsive version...

but in the real thing is it cracked the responsive theme.

please suggest me how do i set this css value for the custom thread filed languages to hide them in responsive theme. not only one xthreads application but also in all xthread application.

Thank You

Did you read the documentation? Try the following:
Thank You So Much Omar...

i didn't know that there was the templates of this exists..

now i got it... and i got managed to hide them in responsive version...

thanks again....
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