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Full Version: Display Name / User Nickname Plugin
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(12-06-2010 09:46 AM)gloss Wrote: [ -> ]i just have no clue why it's not working.
Quote:Please explain the issue clearly with all relevant details.  "It doesn't work" is about as useful as saying "I'm an idiot".
I upload the plugin, activate it, and nothing happens. That's about the best explaining I can do.
Nothing is meant to happen.  There's no magic involved.

Okay then, tell me if any of the following show up:
- try editing a user's username in the AdminCP - is there a space for their login name?
- try editing your own username from the UserCP
- try registering an account, is there a separate username/login name?

thanks for this great plugin and i had installed it without any issue. I have one issue with this plugin.

when i register a new account, its shows the place for Display name option  :-)
[Image: k4xttl.jpg]

But when i try to change my own profile name i cant find any option for Display name :-(
[Image: 2lmvy2f.jpg]

Can anyone please help me to fix the edit profile display name option pleaseee
Change Username = Change Display Name.

Effectively, you can no longer change your login name once you enable the plugin.

Thanks for your quick replay. I activated the Display Usernames / Nicks Plugin (1.04) but i dont wana change my user name. Just wana add a nick name only of my present account. Is it possible ???
As I said previously, changing "username" is changing the "nickname".  Your login name is something different.
Please, just try using the feature and see its effects.
I have this running on test board - works fine and as expected. I did trot round the board a bit (login pages on Error no permissions was one) changing username to login name, but thats a minor niggle and its documented in the plugin and on this thread.
Updated to v1.05:
- fix compatibility issues with MyBB 1.6 ACP logins

Thanks to RateU for reporting the issue!
oh, I thought that was deliberate. Thanks for the update.
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