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Full Version: Thread Tooltip Preview
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Displays a basic preview of a thread in forumdisplay/search in a tooltip.  The tooltip acts like any standard tooltip - it will be shown after the mouse is hovered on the table cell containing the thread title.  (will also do it for thread title text itself if the user is not a moderator, in which case, the "click and hold to edit" will override the thread tooltip)

This will also display a tooltip preview for the last post, when the user hovers the mouse on the last post cell in forumdisplay/search (note, this doesn't work for the forum index).

Note: this plugin assumes that you're using the UTF-8 character set everywhere (which MyBB somewhat assumes anyway).

As there are clearly a lot of people who don't read the above, I will say this differently.  This DOES work for moderators and administrators, however you need to hover the mouse on the TABLE CELL for it to appear (not the actual thread link).
- fixed a bug which may prevent the tooltip rebuilding process from working properly
- improved handling of newlines and spaces in posts a bit better
Yumi, Rebuild Thread Tooltips process give me a blank page in v1.3 ?
Can you try re-downloading?  I stuffed up the upload when I first edited it.
Yes, it works now, Yumi.
Thank you very much.
Just fixed a critical bug in v1.3 which may cause the formatting of some posts to get "permanently" stuffed up.  I suggest everyone on v1.3 upgrade to v1.31 ASAP, thanks, and sorry for the bug.
Thank you very much for the update, Yumi.
another nice mod.
I will try the loading speed on my big forum, since the last version has slow query Smile
The plugin doesn't query and barely reduces speed at all.  I think the previous versions just had an issue with rebuilding tooltip caches, that's about it.
just installing..
Like you said.. It's light.. faster than previous.
I will check my munin after

Any reason Why does not display more than 200 chars? Smile
BB code parser is better, even there is a picture inside. Nice...
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