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Full Version: Admin Can Login as Any User
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Yes, you have to be very explicit when you say these things, or I won't be able to figure out what you want exactly.

If you want to exclude users to be hijackable, don't do the edit I said earlier, instead, find both instances:

PHP Code:
if(!$user) error('Invalid UserID supplied.');

for both, add after:

PHP Code:
if(in_array($user['uid'], array(1,2,3))) error('Cannot log in / clear key of this user.');

The link will still appear, but won't work.

Thanks and sorry I was not clear enough!
I absolutely love this plug in, however I noticed after I switched my servers over and moved my forums, this plug in stopped working all of a sudden. I've gone as far as to delete it and reinstall it to no avail. I've also tried deactivating it and reactivating it and it still won't work.

Is there any way to fix this? Would backing up my forums and moving them over cause this problem?

I'm using MyBB V 1.4.14 (if that helps)
(09-10-2010 07:51 AM)CoasterRacheal Wrote: [ -> ]this plug in stopped working
You've got to define what "stopped working" means.
Do links show up?  Does it not log you into different accounts?
By stopped working I mean that when you visit any user's profile, there is no link to log into a user's account. My apologies for being vague.

Click here for a screenshot (I don't want to stretch the page)
Please make sure you have {$modoptions} variable in your member_profile templates.
Thank you RateU for the help! It took me a few minutes to find the template, but that fixed the issue I was having.
Glad you can solve the problem Smile
This is brilliant.
This one is interesting but I don't think members would like the idea. But it would be cool if Admin can check PM's because sometimes this comes handy when you sort out fights and also spammers.
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