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Full Version: Admin Can Login as Any User
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I don't use it, but there was one occasion where there was something weird happening on someone's account, so I logged in as them to see what the issue was.

I made it primarily cause I think it's an interesting idea, and I like writing non-practical plugins which interest me Tongue
I use it to log in and log out to my test account, to test some modification/plugin. I need to know whether my modification/plugin works for other usergroup or not, especially if the modification/plugin adds other settings for them.
this is simply best if you need to check the working of forum permissions and other settings for other groups
Thanks for great plugin
Very useful for testing users permissions
A gustion thought: I have a plugin that invite zero posters to be more active after viewing X threads, deos admin will see this notice when logging under user account?
Yes, they'll basically be the user.
I installed the plugin, but didnot find any option to log into user account !!!
EDIT: well I managed to find the two added options under /user..html
Now, I log using user's account, but whenever I enter a forum or a thread, I get a blank page
When I log out from this user's account, I find mysel totally logged out !! so I had to log in again as admin

NB: This happened in online forum, but in local server, it worked pefectely
there was a typo in forumdisplay.php
Well, I can login into a user's accont, but as soon as I log out from this account, I find myself totaly logged out, So I have to login again into my admin account
Do you have Cookie Prefix?
^ That's a good point - I should probably use MyBB"s cookie array now that it exists.  But I'll wait for katib's response.
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