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Full Version: Google Chrome for Android
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Seems that Google Chrome for Android doesn't support add-on (ABP and etc) like the desktop version?
I don't think the android chrome browser supports extensions/apps, yeah.

Browsing the net using smartphone is a nightmare for me. Too many annoying ads.
If you have root access, you can use a hosts file solution:

Firefox for Android has ad blockers if you can't root.
Ugh... I thought that because Chrome developed by Google, so it would have more "features" than other browsers for Android.

Yay! Now I use Firefox. Thanks, Yumi!
(11-14-2015 12:50 AM)RateU Wrote: [ -> ]Chrome developed by Google, so it would have more "features"
In all honesty, I can't really think of any Google product that's known for its feature set.  They're typically more aimed at mass-market audiences (i.e. the lowest/dumbest denominator) and not for people looking for configurability.
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