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I believe that tagging syntax on forums should generally be as simple as possible, as most people aren't really coders.
MyBB generally conforms well to this (tags are generally quite simple), except the new quote tag introduced in MyBB 1.4.

Personally, something like this is a bit too much code IMO:

[quote='Joe' pid='13892' dateline='1239871234987' some_other_crap='98j2983j4ad']

...and the user probably doesn't really know the reasoning behind everything.
This plugin turns something like the above to something similar to vB quoting, like:


which, IMO, is much simpler and nicer.

This plugin also has a few other features:

  • [ and ] characters in usernames don't break up the quote
  • username will automatically be updated if a user's username gets changed
  • user profile link in quote

The package includes a MyBB 1.4 and a MyBB 1.6/1.8 version.  Ensure you upload the correct .php file to your inc/plugins/ folder.
Note that the MyBB 1.4 version doesn't handle [ and ] characters completely right, whereas the 1.6 version does.

Update on 19th May, 2010: Also note: it may be possible for users to gain some information about posts in hidden forums/threads/posts by playing around with the pid in the quote.  I haven't implemented any protection against this in this plugin, but I don't really think this is really that big of an issue as they can only really get the timestamp and user who made the post but not the content.

Update on 4th Jan, 2011: This plugin won't modify existing quotes in any way, eg, it won't change the syntax or style of quotes made before this plugin was activated.
I like the user profile link in quote. Thanks, Yumi.
Thanks Tongue

Updated the MyBB 1.6 version to v1.11, just fixing a small bug which may cause the quotes not to be parsed properly.
Yumi, is it possible to use formatted username for the profile link in the quote?

Thanks for the update, Yumi.
Sure, here's a mod of v1.1 for MyBB 1.4 which should do it.

Note that you may need to modify your theme to stop the username from floating to the right...
Wow.. Great! Thank you very much, Yumi!

Screenshot for the quote:

[Image: 18gjz4.jpg]
Just a note to users using this plugin, I've realised that this plugin doesn't actually do permissions checking on the pid specified in the quote tag.  As such, it may be possible for a rouge user to try to gain information by playing around with the pid, though this isn't really the easiest thing, and at best, they can only obtain a timestamp and user of a hidden post/thread/forum and nothing else.
Just pointing this out to anyone concerned.

Ultimately, it's a small thing, and not terribly easy to fix unfortunately, so I've decided not to bother.
Thank you very much for the info, Yumi Smile
Frown this dont work on mybb 1.6
(05-20-2010 11:14 AM)Walkman 5.0 Wrote: [ -> ]Frown this dont work on mybb 1.6
When saying something "doesn't work" it would be appreciated if more info is given.

But anyway, I presume if this is a compatibility thing, I think the 1.6 beta is marked as version 1.5, so you may need to update that.
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